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Lisa Whittle

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  • I Want God

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    I Want God, now revised and updated, will help you focus on your true pursuit of God and watch Him move your soul. Lisa Whittle amplifies the solution to the heart cry of the “sick of me” life.

    It is in the heart of every person to want God, but life gets loud, and we forget Him. We get consumed by our problems, our desires, ourselves. We forget our first encounter with the Savior and how much we once wanted Him. But Lisa Whittle believes that if we calibrate our attention, refocusing on God determines the perspective for everything in our life:

    *what we fight for,
    *what we tolerate,
    *how we make decisions,
    *what we choose,
    *what we love,
    *what we chase,
    *what we let go of, and
    *what we are willing to change.

    A guidebook, a teacher, and a resource, all in one, I Want God brings rich simplicity to life-altering principles, perfect for your personal Lenten reflection. With her signature boldness and raw authenticity, author and podcast host of The Jesus Over Everything podcast, Lisa Whittle inspires with bottom line truth when we want Him and experience a soul revival, there is no limit to what we will do for Him.

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  • Your God Knows


    This powerful Bible study about God’s faithfulness explores Nahum–a rarely studied collection of prophetic poems–to remind us that God is ever-present and always working, even when we feel alone or discouraged.

    Throughout history, God has said to His people: “I see you. I know you. And I will make this right.” This is a crucial message for women today, as we so deeply need to rest in an all-knowing God who can handle what is happening in the world and in our lives. In Your God Knows, Bible teacher and bestselling author Lisa Whittle draws on Scripture throughout the Old and New Testaments as she helps answer six critical questions for our times:

    *Am I forgotten?
    *How does good come from bad?
    *Do my desires and dreams matter?
    *Am I generationally blessed or cursed?
    *Will God make wrong things right?
    *Will I be okay?

    This interactive, video-based companion to Lisa’s book, God Knows, addresses your most pressing questions while immersing you in the truth of God’s promises so you can know deep in your soul that a sovereign God understands your pain–and will one day make all things new.

    Presented by Esther Press: Books for Courageous Women

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  • God Knows : When Your Worries And Whys Need More Than Temporary Relief


    If we really believed that God knowing was enough–and left it there–our questions, worries, and angst over life’s struggles would find more than temporary relief.

    Many of us wake up every day with looming anxieties over our future and a weariness we can’t shake. We have more questions than answers and live with difficult daily realities and secrets we feel we cannot share. The question remains for most believers: How can I fix it, make sense of it, or solve it?

    Enter God Knows: a guidebook to lead the modern believer to a place of release, relief, and reliance upon the omniscience of God. Inspired by the seldom-studied book of Nahum, God Knows details the behind-the-scenes picture we are missing, what His great knowing entails, and how his omniscience provides daily perspective to bring the healing and peace we are all desperate to find.

    In God Knows, you will:

    *experience freedom by learning the difference between privacy and secrecy,

    *develop renewed belief in your abandoned dreams and goals, still known by God,

    *realign your idea of God’s omniscience being far away to how it daily affects you,

    *release your fears for the future as you develop a different outlook on tomorrow through God’s lens, and

    *learn how to deal with injustice in light of God’s knowledge of it.

    God is doing his job well: the justice, the plan, the working together for our good even when we can’t see or understand. The problem is not God. Learn to release what has been burdening you and watch His plan for your life unfold.

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