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  • I Surrender All


    All To Him I Freely Give

    From Priscilla Shirer comes this fervent appeal and invitation to surrender everything to Jesus. To follow Him not just as your Savior but as your priority, your first love, your Lord. To move beyond being a believer to becoming His disciple.

    Because there is a difference.

    Salvation is a gift of God. It’s free. It’s grace. It’s the cross. Discipleship comes at a high cost. It’s surrender. It’s effort. It’s a daily choice to lay down your life and follow His. Few believers choose this route, but the ones who do will experience the abundance that only the surrendered life can offer. It’s the one choice standing between you and the life of freedom and fulfillment, of peace and purpose you’ve always wanted. I Surrender All is all about making that choice.

    The choice that changes everything.

    This book will be impossible to simply read because it beckons you to make a decision about the kind of Christian you will be. Prepare to engage, to write, to pray, and be called into a surrendered life. An abundant life. A disciple’s life.

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  • Count Me In


    Today’s students are constantly pulled toward a life of confusion and half-baked beliefs. But Jesus Christ is calling them to something greater than anything this world can offer. He offers eternal life that includes a living relationship with God, a radical commitment to truth, and a life of love, compassion, and purpose. A radical life that counts now and in eternity.Count Me In walks students through the entire Gospel of Luke and Jesus’s bold invitation to follow Him daily, obey Him faithfully, and trust Him completely. Each of the eight chapters focuses on an important element of discipleship, from studying Scripture to sharing Jesus with others. Students will be challenged with: - Do I value the right relationships? - Do I have a healthy perspective of my earthly stuff? - Do I let temptation and sin block my spiritual growth?  - Do I have a plan to keep my life intentionally grounded in Christ? Including reflection questions and discussion guides, this book can easily work for solo readers or group studies. Students should feel inspired to take on a deeper study of Scripture and challenged to take Christ’s call of discipleship seriously in their own lives. Jesus chose young followers in the first century and invites today’s generation of young people to follow Him now. To know Him, love Him, and make Him known. To surrender and put Him first in every area. To be a part of His message and His mission to the nations. Count Me In will engage students to hear the amazing call of Jesus and to boldly live out their faith every day.

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  • Devoted To Jesus


    Jesus started His ministry saying, “Come, follow Me,” and finished it by saying, “Go, make disciples.”

    Between these two challenges, His followers learned they could trust Him completely with every area of their lives.

    From the writing team behind The Love Dare and The Battle Plan for Prayer, and the movie producers of The Forge and War Room, comes an exciting new resource for anyone who desires to grow spiritually and become an on-fire, all-in follower of Jesus.

    Have you ever been personally discipled? Do you desire to walk closer to Jesus but wish someone would show you how? How can your faith become a thriving relationship instead of a religious duty? What are the keys to assurance of salvation, abiding in Christ, praying effectively, overcoming trials, and deeply loving others?

    Packed with 52 topical chapters-ideal for reading daily or weekly-and presented with refreshing clarity, Devoted to Jesus is designed to help both new and mature believers grow together. This is a journey you’ll first want to experience yourself and then utilize to invest into others.

    They first learned to be His disciples, then helped others as disciple-makers. . . and so can you.

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  • Master Leader : 12 Ways To Lead Like Jesus


    Jesus stands in history as the master leader-and he calls us to follow him in leadership. But what exactly makes Christian leadership unique? Mark E. Moore, with fellow leader Jeff Osborne, unpacks what is essential: key leadership strategies based on the life of Jesus.

    The Master Leader offers biblical guidance and practical advice to lead your team like Jesus led those around him. You will learn to possess the values of Jesus, beginning with integrity and other key attributes, including servanthood, stewardship, and adaptability. You will also understand the actions of Jesus, like how to build culture, cast vision, and mentor leaders. These pages will raise your leadership level.

    The best leadership training comes from Christ, and this book is the guide for leaders in any role of society.

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  • Daily Wisdom For Boys


    Start your day off right every day of the year with Daily Wisdom for Boys-and spend time in the loving presence of your heavenly Creator. Each inspiring devotion was written specifically for your young heart and mind, encouraging you in your faith and reminding you of God’s unfailing love.

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  • Daily Wisdom For Girls


    Start your day off right every day of the year with Daily Wisdom for Girls-and spend time in the loving presence of your heavenly Creator. Each inspiring devotion was written specifically for your young heart and mind, encouraging you in your faith and reminding you of God’s unfailing love.

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  • Bible Memory Verse Challenge Word Searches (Large Type)


    Bible Memory Verse Challenge Word Searches features dozens of large print word search puzzles with Bible clues given in the form of scripture selections with missing words. . .then readers have to figure out what’s missing in order to discover the words they need to search for in the large 15×15 puzzle grid. Scripture hints are provided along with the clues in case a reader needs help finding the answers to the trivia. 

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  • Bible Companion : An All-in-One Resource To Improve Your Understanding And


    Featuring a Bible handbook that explains the 66 books by passage, a combined dictionary/concordance of scripture’s most important words, a section of archaeological evidences, maps of Bible lands, one-year reading plan, and a section on how to study the Bible, this book offers you clear, useful guidance for studying God’s Word.  

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  • My Prayer Journal Quiet Time Prayers For A Womans Heart


    Dozens of practical and encouraging prayers plus journaling space are perfect for daily quiet time will help you strengthen your heart-connection to the Master Creator. Here you will discover a deeper understanding and love for the One who holds the whole world in His hands.

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  • Protector


    A Mysterious Disappearance Shakes an Amish Family’s Faith

    In book one of A Mifflin County Mystery series, after a night out with her boyfriend, Rosa Petersheim has disappeared from the Big Valley without a trace. Norman Petersheim always considered himself his sister’s protector, and he can’t believe she would have left home of her own accord. Clearly, he must have failed her. He throws all he has into helping the authorities search for Rosa, while trying to support his parents and siblings–who are struggling both mentally and physically. Salina Swarey loves Norman and hopes they are headed toward marriage, but his obsession with Rosa’s whereabouts is driving them apart. Can Norman find peace and contentment, even if he never learns where Rosa has gone?

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  • Blurred Cross : A Writer’s Difficult Journey With God


    In early 2022, esteemed New Testament scholar Richard Bauckham nearly lost his ability to read–an alarming prospect for a man who considers reading, writing, and scholarly work to be his vocation from God. Despite it being one of the most difficult times of his life, it was also a period in which Bauckham felt closest to God.

    In this beautifully written book, Bauckham combines memoir, theological and biblical reflection, and poetry to offer profound insight into God’s providence amid life’s difficulties. He discusses relevant aspects of his earlier life, delves into the time when his eyesight began to deteriorate, and reflects on issues that arose during that period. The book also includes generous amounts of Bauckham’s own poetry.

    Throughout his experience, Bauckham maintained a close relationship with God and drew nearer to him. His journey with God during this time led him to contemplate God’s purpose for his life and how he can live in a way that reflects his overwhelming sense of gratitude. He shares his story as a way of encouraging others in their own unique walk with God.

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  • Why We Pray


    If God is all-powerful, all-knowing, and entirely good, why do we need to ask God to do good things? Won’t God act for the best regardless? Do our prayers even make a difference? Why do some go unanswered? This brief, accessible book provides a fresh angle on our questions to help us think differently about why we pray and what happens when we pray.

    John Peckham applies the insights from his successful book Theodicy of Love to the perennial problem of petitionary prayer, offering practical implications for how we might pray and live in ways that advance God’s kingdom of unselfish love. Since our understanding of petitionary prayer is inseparable from our understanding of God, Peckham sheds significant light on the nature and character of God and the often-mysterious workings of divine providence. He does so by bringing theological and philosophical nuance to readings of key biblical texts on prayer, weaving in other scriptural clues to articulate an understanding of prayer that highlights not only its necessity but also its urgency. This book will appeal to students, pastors, church leaders, and thoughtful laypeople.

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  • When Demons Surface


    Are demons real? Do ghosts exist? Do some unresolved medical and mental health issues have a spiritual connection?

    In When Demons Surface, former senior military chaplain Steve Dabbs answers those questions and more. Exploring more than 50 true stories of supernatural encounters from pastoral and personal experiences as well as historical research, this book is scholarly yet simple, hair-raising and enlightening.

    When Demons Surface will fascinate those curious about supernatural experiences, equip pastors with a resource for those seeking answers, and enlighten advanced Bible readers with insights from Hebrew, Greek, and ancient literature. It will enable readers of all levels to identify supernatural encounters with angels and demons, exercise biblical authority over evil spirits, and help discern whether some unresolved mental or medical health issues are the result of spiritual warfare.

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  • Penny Preaches


    Penny loves the sermon on Sunday because she loves to think about big things. But when preaching from the front porch to her friends doesn’t turn out quite as she expected, Penny wonders if she was wrong to want to teach others about God.

    Written by Amy Dixon and Rob Dixon, and featuring delightful illustrations from Jennifer Davison, Penny’s story reminds us that God gives good gifts to everyone!

    Penny Preaches will be enjoyed by children as well as the adults who read with them. Also included is a note from the authors to encourage further conversation about the topic.

    Discover IVP Kids and share with children the things that matter to God!

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  • When Your World Ends


    How do you rebuild your life after it falls apart?

    Catastrophic events often feel like the end of the world. When we feel like we have nothing left, we sometimes wish for our own end too. Yet God keeps waking us up every morning-a sign that God wants us to keep living when our world ends. We must find our way to the new life that awaits us on the other side of loss. But how?

    Dawn Sanders has traveled this path before and lived to tell the tale-not once but twice. After a divorce and then the sudden death of her second husband, Dawn discovered a buried treasure in Genesis 1: God’s process for creating new life out of chaos. In When Your World Ends, Dawn digs deep into the creation story and unearths a seven-step process by which God brings us out of the void and into new beginnings. With her unique perspective, authenticity, and courage, Dawn meets those who are starting over and guides us into renewed hope.

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  • Lay Me In Gods Good Earth


    A Christian case for natural burial

    The promises of the Christian gospel are never more precious or more beautiful than in the context of death and burial. And yet current burial practices in Western society are archaic and impersonal. They fail to confront us with the reality of death, and they make it harder to process death or to grieve properly.

    Kent Burreson and Beth Hoeltke have been teaching a Christian understanding of death and natural burial for many years. They argue that natural burial-laying the body into the earth in a way that allows it to decompose naturally-is not only better for the environment but is also a more accurate picture of Christian hope of the resurrection. Grounded in sound Christian teaching about death and burial, they advocate for natural burial and offer practical instructions for navigating the complex questions around burial practices.

    Lay Me in God’s Good Earth is not only an immensely practical guide to natural burial; it is also an application of the hope of the resurrection to those grieving the loss of their loved ones.

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  • Like A River


    Now available in trade paper!

    Like a River, a triumphant story of new life birthed out of tragedy, will teach readers how to face their failures, confront their pain, and connect with God–the true source of life.

    On June 4th, 2019, country music singer Granger Smith was enjoying a final evening with his kids before heading to Nashville for the CMT Music Awards and his next tour. While helping his daughter London with her gymnastics, his youngest son fell into their pool. Granger did everything he could to get to him, but he was too late. River drowned, and Granger’s world shattered.

    The days, weeks, and months that followed River’s death sent Granger on a dark and painful journey. Every time he closed his eyes, he replayed the horrific event in his mind, and every time he opened his computer, he was bombarded by the critique and criticism of people who blamed him for the accident.

    Despite his best effort to get back on stage with a smile and song, it was all a faade. On the inside he was dying. Fortunately, that’s not how his story ended. And now he is compelled to help people all around the world find strength, peace, and hope on the other side of tragedy.

    *Like a River, life is full of twists and turns.
    *Like a River, people pollute our world with their critique and criticism.
    *Like a River, tragic events keep us dammed up.
    *But like a river, we can find the courage to keep moving downstream.

    Rivers don’t run on their own strength; they flow from their source. When we try to keep going on our own, we won’t make it, but when we connect to the greater source, we will find the strength and the faith to keep living after loss. This triumphant story of new life birthed out of death will inspire every reader to live Like a River.

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  • Each One Reach One


    Learn how to tell your God story with joy and confidence through the practical, highly interactive book from award-winning musician and bestselling author Babbie Mason.   This energizing, highly interactive book study from award-winning singer and bestselling author Babbie Mason-with free streaming access to video teachings-inspires us to share our God story with confidence.   Many of us want to talk about our faith with others, but we feel unprepared and uncomfortable. Written for Christians who want to live with more boldness and purpose, Each One Reach One equips us to:   Find our own unique style of talking about Jesus. See evangelism as a delight rather than an obligation. Anticipate opportunities for telling others about Christianity. Use Scripture and reflection questions to draw closer to God’s heart. Experience the joy of seeing others as Christ sees us.   Sharing our story of Jesus doesn’t have anything to do with rote lines, preachy words, or guilty feelings. As Babbie shows us, it has everything to do with listening well and demonstrating Christ’s love by showing compassion.

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  • Secrets Of A Prayer Warrior


    Internationally respected Bible teacher Derek Prince offers the definitive guide to effective, life-changing prayer. Through examining the teachings of Jesus and the Old Testament prophets, Prince hands you the keys to biblical prayer while unlocking the answers to these essential questions and more:

    – How can I be certain my prayers will be answered?
    – How can I discover God’s will for my life?
    – How can I pray confidently?
    – What is my authority in Christ through prayer?
    – How can I be sure my prayers are biblical?
    – What is the nature and purpose of prayer?
    – What is the purpose of fasting and how does it relate to prayer?
    – What is intercessory prayer?

    In addition to the answers to these questions, you will discover insight and understanding that will help you cultivate a new life as one of God’s prayer warriors. With help from this seasoned veteran, you can begin praying more confidently and effectively, starting today.

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  • Praying Through Your Pregnancy


    Pregnancy is a time of great preparation. We prepare the nursery for the baby, we prepare our families to welcome a new member, we prepare our bodies to bring a sweet new life into the outside world. But how much thought do we give to preparing our hearts?

    Praying Through Your Pregnancy is the perfect companion for this special time in your life. Each chapter in this week-by-week guide reveals what is happening with your baby’s development that week, starting with the very first moment of conception. You’ll discover how to reduce stress and anxiety by placing your confidence in God for the healthy development of your precious growing baby. Journaling space helps you remember in years to come how God was at work at every stage. And each chapter contains a special list of Scripture verses to guide further prayer and meditation on God’s Word.

    As you enter a time of great joy–and great change–for your family, let Praying Through Your Pregnancy be with you every step of the way.

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  • Narrow Path : How The Subversive Way Of Jesus Satisfies Our Souls


    A compelling call to embrace the countercultural values of Jesus, which lead to a life of love, peace, and fulfillment, from the bestselling author of The Deeply Formed Life, winner of the Christianity Today Book Award.

    We live in a culture that wants it all. More is seen as better–whether it’s more money, social media fame, choices, or power. For those chasing this way of life, “narrow” seems negative. Who wants to narrow their options . . . or be seen as narrow-minded?

    Which is why the most well-known talk in the history of the world–the Sermon on the Mount–is also the most paradoxical one. In it, Jesus holds up the narrow path as the most spacious . . . and the broader path as the more confining one.

    Rich Villodas, bestselling author of The Deeply Formed Life, explores what today’s broad and narrow paths look like so you can discern which one you’re on. The answer may surprise you–and will help you pursue the way of Jesus more deeply when it comes to loving God and others, prayer, sexual desire, conflict, money, anxiety, and more.

    The Narrow Path reintroduces the counterintuitive wonder of Jesus’s timeless wisdom for this age, one fraught with anxiety, depression, polarizing politics, and online vitriol. The path of Jesus is most certainly narrow, but it is the only one filled with the ever-expanding life of God . . . and it is available now for all who want it!

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  • Dark Traffic : The Dangerous Intersection Of Technology, Crime, Money, Sex,


    Dark Traffic is the book that ushers the public into the next phase of anti-trafficking efforts to stop what has evolved into a $150 billion industry involving a complex network of organized crime trafficking sex, labor, and human organs. As co-founder and CEO of Dark Watch, author Noel Thomas has led United States law enforcement and the judicial system into the new battleground, where high-tech data analysis is changing how criminals are caught and prosecuted. Dark Traffic arrives on a new wave of media attention and actions at the federal, state, and local government levels, and informs readers how they can play a role in identifying and helping stop trafficking that occurs in their own neighborhood. Noel’s story of how he became aware of the issue is proof. The trafficking game has changed drastically, and Dark Traffic will change all our perceptions of trafficking.

    “Dark Traffic was written first, to provide information. The public desperately needs to have a clear and accurate understanding of the problem we’re facing, since it threatens people, we love. Second, Noel hopes this book makes people angry, because anger focused in the right direction is a powerful tool for change(?). We ought to be angry when young people are being destroyed. And third, he wants to dispel the myth that one person can’t do very much. Mass movements are made up of lots of “one persons” who come together to become one massive force for good.”

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  • Grief Redeemed


    “I used to say that my marriage was the anvil on which the Lord was forging the new man in Christ which He was fashioning for His purposes on this side of heaven. I now believe that my grief is His new anvil for me, and the lessons I learn in grief will have redemptive value well beyond this di?cult period-however long that lasts.”

    Grief is a journey no one truly understands until they walk it. This short book captures lessons learned along that grief journey over the first eighteen months following author Stephen Silver’s wife Sandy’s unexpected death. These lessons serve as helpful, practical signposts for other grief sojourners navigating the “new country” after loss.

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  • Dolphins In Danger


    From best-selling author Bill Myers comes a hilarious, faith-filled, and action-packed adventure starring the Mulligan family.

    The Magnificent Mulligans are back, and they’re learning again how to stick together, protect the vulnerable, and stand up for what’s right. When Dad gets a call from a friend who needs help with a distressed dolphin, he and Lisa drive up the coast to try to help. But a big storm in the forecast is going to make this mission difficult.

    Meanwhile, the other Mulligans are excited about new opportunities. Julie is learning to take care of flamingoes, Janelle is learning to play tennis, and Nick is learning how to fly an airplane. Nick’s first lesson? Convincing his instructor that he’s really ready to take the yoke. The guy keeps glancing nervously at the parachute he brings along for the flight!

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  • Experience The Wisdom Of Proverbs


    Help your students experience the wisdom of Proverbs!

    The principles and truth contained in the book of Proverbs are as relevant as ever. This beautiful study guides students to wise living and instills a lifelong love and appreciation for Scripture. Each day, a student will read a Proverb and be challenged to apply its wisdom to their everyday life. Experience Scripture resources are designed specifically to help readers engage with God’s Word through reading and reflection. As they become Biblically fluent, students will be able to apply its principles in everyday life. These resources are:

    *Rooted in Scripture – this is not a self-help manual, but a resource that fosters a life-long habit of reading the Bible.

    *Beautifully designed – contemporary design that appeals to students who appreciate a clean reading experience.

    *Accessible – can be completed in one month. Each day includes brief explanation of passage’s major themes to quickly understand context.

    *Experiential – Scripture is meant to be experienced. This resource provides tangible ways for students to interact with Scripture.

    This Biblical commentary can be used devotionally, with these features and practices provided for each day-

    *Know Before You Go – learn the essential context
    *Read the Passage – average of about 20 verses per day
    *After the Passage – explains meaning, themes, and the bottom line
    *Experience – engaging questions and interactions
    *Takeaway and Pray – personal application that lasts

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  • Experience The Gospel Of Mark


    Help your students experience the storyline of Jesus and the major themes of the book of Mark.

    The book of Mark introduces us to the life and ministry of Jesus and describes what it looks like to be a Christian. This beautiful and experiential study inspires students to follow Jesus and instills a lifelong love and appreciation for Scripture. Each day, a student will read a portion of Scripture and then be challenged to apply its truth to their everyday life. Experience Scripture resources are designed specifically to help readers engage with God’s Word through reading and reflection. As they become Biblically fluent, students will be able to apply its principles in everyday life. These resources are:

    *Rooted in Scripture – this is not a self-help manual, but a resource that fosters a life-long habit of reading the Bible.

    *Beautifully designed – contemporary design that appeals to students who appreciate a clean reading experience.

    *Accessible – can be completed in one month. Each day includes brief explanation of passage’s major themes to quickly understand context.

    *Experiential – Scripture is meant to be experienced. This resource provides tangible ways for students to interact with Scripture.

    This Biblical commentary can be used devotionally, with these features and practices provided for each day-

    *Know Before You Go – learn the essential context
    *Read the Passage – average of about 20 verses per day
    *After the Passage – explains meaning, themes, and the bottom line
    *Experience – engaging questions and interactions
    *Takeaway and Pray – personal application that lasts

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  • Forge

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    As Cynthia Wright’s marriage implodes, she is forced to raise her teenage son, Isaiah, alone. The pressure of providing for them through her salon is a full-time job in itself. When Cynthia sees Isaiah pulling away and escaping into video games, tensions rise and prayers feel unanswered. Angry and hurt, Isaiah starts acting like the father who abandoned him, and Cynthia gives him an ultimatum while turning to her twin sister, Elizabeth Jordan, for support. Elizabeth enlists a seasoned prayer warrior who challenges Cynthia to pray boldly and believe God for the impossible.

    Caught in the middle, Isaiah longs for respect, but sees no clear path to becoming a good man. Desperate for a job, he wanders into Moore Fitness, Inc. and encounters the owner, Joshua Moore, who introduces him to the concept of working for a coach rather than a boss. Needing the work, Isaiah reluctantly begins his mentoring process with Joshua. While Cynthia clings to hope, no one sees the coming storms brewing at the company and in Isaiah’s heart.

    The Forge is about the power of prayer, the transformation only God can achieve, and the lasting influence one person can have on others.

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  • Lulu Fleming : The Doctor Who Shared Jesus


    Born into slavery in rural Florida, Louisa (Lulu) Fleming might have been the last person anyone expected to grow up and become a doctor. From birth, Lulu was told she wasn’t worthy of dignity or respect because of the color of her skin. This biographical picture book tells the story of Lulu Fleming whose grandfather was brought to America from the Congo and enslaved. When Lulu was released from slavery, she discovered Jesus taught that all people are worthy of respect and dignity. Narrated by a kind and curious cat, readers learn that Lulu became one of the first Black women to attend university in the United States, then decided she wanted to be a missionary to the country where her grandfather had been taken from: the Congo. She served as both a doctor and a teacher in the Congo, speaking against a regime and a culture that devalued people because of the color of their skin. Readers will be inspired by Lulu’s bravery and drive to break barriers so she could love and share Jesus with others. Lulu Fleming: The Doctor Who Shared Jesus is the fourth book in the Here I Am! biography series for kids ages four to eight, which highlights fascinating and faithful Christians in history. Also available: Dietrich Bonhoeffer: The Teacher Who Became a Spy, C. S. Lewis: The Writer Who Found Joy, and Lottie Moon: The Girl Who Reached the World.

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  • Lord Is My Shepherd


    Let Psalm 23 come alive for your little one!

    Follow Elton the Old English Sheepdog as he rests in green pastures, walks through a dark valley, and enjoys the love of the Shepherd. Along the way, children will connect with the beloved words of Psalm 23 and know that they too are cared for and protected by their good God.

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  • Herod And Mary

    Original price was: $29.99.Current price is: $17.99.

    Explore the interwoven lives of King Herod and Mary, Mother of Jesus as New York Times bestselling author Kathie Lee Gifford brings these biblical figures into a new light. Follow Herod from boyhood as he strives and fails throughout his life to become a beloved king. Walk in the steps of Mary of Nazareth as she navigates the repercussions of Herod’s deadly obsession.

    Delve into the complex history of Herod the Great–his rise to power and ultimate fall in pursuit to be the “King of the Jews.” Under a flourishing yet tumultuous background of Jerusalem, consider Mary of Nazareth’s place under Herod’s rule and the promise of a Messiah to free her people. Kathie Lee Gifford with Bryan M. Litfin, Ph.D. deftly weave a truthful historical narrative full of accurate details and sweeping prose that ushers in the true King and glorifies God’s powerful plan to bring a savior into the world through unlikely means. A coda between the authors, full of honest revelation and insightful meaning, follows each chapter for added in-depth reading.

    The first installment in the Ancient Evil, Living Hope series, Herod and Mary begins with the tragic life of King Herod–Christianity’s first true persecutor. As an impressionable boy, he is forever marked by the raw power of Rome. Throughout the course of Herod’s career, he gains power, fame, and riches beyond belief. Yet murderous intrigues stalk this man–and infect his own dark soul.

    Under the rule of King Herod, Jerusalem becomes a prominent city of wealth and prosperity, but Mary saw the struggle of her people under a tyrant. Like all Jewish women, she knew the promises of Torah and longed for a deliverer. But no one could have prepared her for what the angel of God revealed: that the Messiah wouldn’t arrive with the blaring of trumpets, the clash of arms, or the fanfare of a mighty host. He would arrive as an infant within her own womb. The light of the world was born in a cave: not a king who maims and destroys, but the gentle King of the Jews.

    This riveting narrative nonfiction work reveals deep insight to how Herod came to power, how corruption and an ancient evil threatened the stability of a nation, and how a teenage Mary was called to traverse these obstacles to bring the Savior, Jesus, our living hope, into the world.

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  • Misled : 7 Lies That Distort The Gospel And How You Can Discern The Truth

    Original price was: $19.99.Current price is: $13.99.

    The gospel is under attack today–not only from outside cultural forces but also from within the church. In Misled, popular YouTuber and Bible teacher Allen Parr equips readers to identify and withstand seven of the most common false teachings that undermine the gospel and lead many well-meaning Christians astray.

    For an anxious and weary world, the gospel of Jesus Christ is the one true source of deep peace and lasting joy. But today, many supposedly Christian teachers are spreading ideas that amount to what Paul called “another gospel.”

    The result? A generation of believers confused about what God really says, what he offers, and what he wants for his children. From the heavy burden of legalism to an overemphasis on prosperity or spiritual gifts to warped understandings of grace, every false teaching has two things in common: they all use half-truths that look and sound biblical (making them very difficult to identify) and they all harm and discourage those who are trying to follow the way of Jesus.

    In Misled, Allen Parr weaves together stories from his own spiritual journey and the lives of those he’s ministered to in order to show the painful consequences of following false teachings and to provide clear explanations of what the Bible really teaches about the gospel. Readers will

    *learn about seven of the most misleading and harmful messages that run rampant within the church today;

    *be equipped to identify not only “wolves in shepherd’s clothing” who peddle counterfeit gospels, but also well-intentioned teachers whose half-truths are no less harmful to the church; and

    *discover how they can find the freedom, peace, and joy that only comes from embracing the gospel in all its purity and simplicity.

    With the same balanced, Bible-based approach that has made Parr’s YouTube channel a go-to resource, Misled offers clarity and hope for anyone who has felt discouraged or confused in their spiritual journey–and invites readers to find everything they’ve been searching for in the true gospel.

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  • Be Healed : A 40-Day Devotional To Reclaim Your Health


    There is hope for your healing!

    Are you battle-weary and need a breakthrough in your health?

    With contagious faith, pastor Steve Austin takes you on a biblical journey through the healing promises found in Scripture, empowering you to stand firm as you wait for your breakthrough. Filled with miracle testimonies, prayers, and practical application, this hope-infused 40-day devotional provides a holistic battle plan for overcoming sickness, including how to:

    *partner with God in your healing process
    *expand your faith
    *wield the weapon of prayer every day
    *take hold of biblical promises for your life
    *receive divine healing

    You were healed when Jesus took your sickness upon Himself on the cross. Now it’s time to believe it–and see it!

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  • In Our Suffering Lord Be Near

    Original price was: $19.99.Current price is: $13.99.

    Where do you turn in seasons of despair? What do you do when you don’t know what to do?

    Ben Locke is no stranger to suffering, and in his darkest hours of sorrow, he took his suffering to Jesus. The prayers that poured out offer a road map for you to take your sorrows, grief, and troubles to God, knowing He will meet you in your time of suffering.

    Hardship and adversity touch everyone–illness, grief, accidents, trauma, loneliness, relationship struggles, financial crises, sin, addiction, life stressors, and so much more can make people feel lost and hopeless. In Our Suffering, Lord Be Near can be a light in the darkness if you ever:

    *Feel like questioning, yelling at, doubting, or even denouncing God
    *Want to separate from the church
    *Wonder if God is listening to your prayers and cares about your troubles
    *Do not know what to do with your anger
    *Fear that life will be this way forever

    You are not alone. In Ben Locke’s darkest valleys, he was determined to tell God exactly what he thought. He poured out his agony and anger–and was met with God’s grace, love, forgiveness, strength, and eternal mercy. He discovered in those moments that God can handle it. All of it.

    The psalm like prayers borne out of these experiences will meet you in your own moments of suffering. But they are more than prayers. They’re cries for help and explosions of anger, mourning, weeping, grieving, celebrating, rejoicing, and praising. They’re liturgies to heal your soul, balm for your wounds, and tender mercies for your heartache. This book will help you know that:

    *God is with you, even if you don’t feel Him or understand what is happening
    *God offers you grace and mercy, no matter what
    *God delivers you and gives you strength

    Let these words help you articulate your own sorrows, bring you to your knees, encourage you to confess your insufficiency, and express your most genuine emotions. God can handle your suffering. So, tell Him.

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  • Exploring The Mind Of God


    God’s Thoughts Toward You Are Filled with Love

    Exploring the Mind of God reveals the thoughts and plans of our Creator-Father as revealed in the deeper meanings of Hebrew words in Scripture, with reflections on related Greek and Aramaic terms as well.

    Hebrew teacher Chaim Bentorah highlights both Old and New Testament passages that reveal the loving nature of God, as opposed to the vindictive nature that is commonly portrayed.

    Chaim says, “The foremost thought that expresses the mind of God toward humanity is His love for us in Christ Jesus.”

    Each of the sixty devotional readings features a specific passage of Scripture, followed by an investigation of key words in the original languages, all pointing to the eternal purposes of our loving heavenly Father. Use as an inspiring daily devotional that will draw you closer to the Lord, a deeper word study into biblical Hebrew, or both.

    You don’t even have to be familiar with a word of Hebrew to be greatly blessed by these insights. Chaim opens up the biblical passages while ultimately pointing us to enter more fully into a loving relationship with our Lord.

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  • My First Gratitude Journal


    An easy-to-use journal for kids that teaches the highly beneficial practice of gratitude.

    It’s never too early to learn the practice of gratitude, which has proven to lessen anxiety, improve sleep, enhance mood, and even boost immunity. Our journal pages will encourage kids to reflect on the things they are thankful for each day, and they’ll also have space to doodle, draw, and participate in simple writing activities. Perfect for stashing on a bedside table, in the car, or in a backpack, this journal can quickly help kids engage in the healthy habit of gratitude and experience its manifold benefits.

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  • Gods Big Promises Bible Story Prayers


    Pray with your children in response to Bible truths using this beautifully illustrated book of prayers. Each page begins with a Bible-story summary and a verse from the Bible, followed by a responsive prayer. Children will learn to say wow, thank you, sorry and please as they get to know God better. There are even actions to go with each response!


    *92 prayers that relate to the 92 stories featured in God’s Big Promises Bible Storybook, so you can use this prayer book alongside the Bible Storybook.

    *9 additional prayers specifically for bedtime that are based on Bible verses. They will help kids to give thanks and know that God is with them as they go to sleep.

    *An index of prayers at the back linking to prayers for particular circumstances or feelings, such as prayers when feeling anxious, prayers when feeling tired, and prayers when feeling scared.

    This wonderful book of prayers will give kids a framework that will help them to pray by themselves as they grow up.

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  • In His Hands


    When your child or unborn baby is facing serious medical problems, it can be hard to know what to pray. The shock, uncertainty and fear can mean that even though you want to cry out to God in prayer, your words just dry up.

    That’s where this book can help, with prayers that use Scripture to help you communicate with the Lord. Whether you need to cry out honestly to the Lord in grief, to pray boldly for healing and help or simply to process what is happening, you’ll find words to help you talk with the God who loves you and weeps with you–the God who can do all things.

    Authors Eric Schumacher and Jessika Sanders both know what it’s like to face a family medical crisis, and they are passionate about helping others in the most difficult situations. Eric is the author of Ours: Biblical Comfort for Men Grieving Miscarriage. Jessika is the founder and president of Praying Through Ministries, which provides support for parents whose children have been hospitalized and families who have experienced child loss.

    This easy-to-navigate book includes prayers for a clear diagnosis; prayers for healing; prayers for comfort and relief from pain; prayers for peace, courage, perseverance and wisdom to cope well; prayers for unity; for the extended family; for the medical team; for practical needs; for times of spiritual darkness and doubt; and much more.

    This book is designed to help both parents and the wider family turn to God for help when a child is facing a medical crisis.

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  • Honor : Loving Your Church By Building One Another Up


    A right understanding of honor is vital to healthy churches. It’s a word that’s mentioned hundreds of times throughout the Bible. But what does honor really look like for us in everyday church life? Who should we honor and how?

    Adam Ramsey brings a fresh understanding of true honor in our churches. He paints a vision of an honoring church that captivates your mind and heart–a church that shines brightly in the community because of the way its members value and respect each other and their leaders and, above all else, bring honor to God.

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  • Navigating Tough Texts Volume 2


    A guide for reading and understanding difficult New Testament verses

    *Does Matthew 5:34 say that oath-taking is wrong?
    *What does 1 Corinthians 10:23 mean by “everything is permissible”?
    *Who were the angels that “abandoned their role” in Jude 6?
    *What are the thousand years of Revelation 20:4?

    While the core message of the New Testament is clear, we often encounter puzzling, alarming, or confusing sections when we get into the details. In this second volume of Navigating Tough Texts, Murray J. Harris concisely considers more than eighty tricky passages in the New Testament. He shows how these texts offer insights with implications for theology, apologetics, mission, and the Christian life.

    Navigating Tough Texts, Volume 2 is a sure guide for pastors, students, and curious Christians who want to be better readers of the tough passages in the Bible.

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  • Job


    “But where can wisdom be found? Where does understanding dwell?”

    The book of Job is challenging. Its Hebrew is often obscure, its length and subject matter are intimidating, and its meaning has been debated throughout the history of biblical interpretation. In this commentary, Duane A. Garrett presents a fresh argument for the book’s meaning. Job demonstrates the inability of Wisdom, as a theological tradition, to solve the problem of evil. Without rejecting Wisdom, it shows that only God can truly deal with evil. God’s answer to evil is found only in Christ, who is anticipated in the book of Job.

    The Evangelical Exegetical Commentary series is a premiere biblical commentary rooted in the original text of Scripture. Each volume includes historical and literary insights and addresses exegetical, pastoral, and theological concerns, giving readers a full understanding of the text and how to apply it to everyday life.

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  • Galatians


    “I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me.”

    The letter to the Galatians opens a window to a serious crisis in Paul’s ministry. In this letter, Paul defends the gospel and challenges the Galatian believers to remain faithful and to welcome all who have faith in Christ. Michael H. Burer presents a fresh exegetical investigation of the text, clarifying Paul’s meaning and message for the benefit of pastors, teachers, and students.

    The Evangelical Exegetical Commentary series is a premiere biblical commentary rooted in the original text of Scripture. Each volume includes historical and literary insights and addresses exegetical, pastoral, and theological concerns, giving readers a full understanding of the text and how to apply it to everyday life.

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  • Bit Of Earth


    Prayers, poetry, and Scripture for a life in the garden

    In A Bit of Earth, Andrea G. Burke looks at the seasonal practice and common grace of gardening through a devotional lens. Part memoir, part prayer book, A Bit of Earth weaves care and intent through moments of ordinary living. This book is a lifelong resource of Scripture, poetry, and prose on the life of faith for contemplatives, gardeners, and believers.

    God walks in the garden at the cool of the day. The Lord is with us when we dream about what plants to grow and when we drag our feet to pull weeds. He is with us when we preserve the fruit of our hard labors. He is with us even when we weep at the desolate, snowbound landscape of winter.

    Whether you’re new to gardening or already have a green thumb, anyone can learn how to garden and cultivate the soil of their hearts through A Bit of Earth.

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  • Little Habits Big Faith


    Feeling daunted by how to help your kids really grow in their faith? It ‘ s time to start little.

    We want our kids to know God. We know we’re supposed to disciple them. But parenthood is hard, and we’re busy, tired, and often feel unequipped. What if our kids don’t seem all that interested or can’t sit still long enough for us to read the Bible?

    Christie Thomas has a secret for you: helping your kids connect with God is way easier than you think. It all starts with 30 seconds a day–and the power of a simple habit. Through Christie’s empowering, encouraging insights, you’ll discover how to overcome common struggles, implement easy practices that fit your unique kids, and change your family’s faith culture. In this book, you will:

    *discover how to make Scripture and spiritual practices come alive for short attention spans

    *learn simple steps for developing faith through the Faith Growth Cycle and its three stages- seed, sprout, and root.

    *develop practical strategies for establishing consistent habits

    Life-changing moments can come out of simple habits. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the things you’re supposed to do to teach your kids about God, Little Habits, Big Faith shows you how to leverage the power of small, consistent choices with confidence. God can use even the smallest step to change how your family grows in faith.

    In addition to key points at the end of each chapter, there is an appendix full of topical resources for parents to quickly reference:

    *Ideas for little habits
    *Keystone habits
    *Prompts & rewards
    *Rooted resources

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  • Ecclesiastes


    50 volumes. 4 million words. Global representation.

    Engage with the latest theological thinking in this new, readable exposition of the Bible in 50 volumes. Covering all books of the Bible and including the full the Anglicised New International Version (NIV) text, the Hodder Bible Commentary series makes connecting scripture and scholarship easier than ever.

    Explore how the Bible intersects with 21st century life with commentary that is doctrinally sensitive and globally aware, sourced from a team of contributors representing a variety of cultural and ecclesiastical contexts from around the world.

    Designed to be accessible to all adult readers and particularly for those who preach, teach, and lead Bible studies, each book is split into manageable sections suitable for talks or study groups. Read the Bible text and the commentary side by side to gain a deep knowledge of scripture and the variety of interpretations that can be made from it.

    Be refreshed with new understanding. Be encouraged to apply your conclusions to life today.

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  • Kingdom Minded Pastor


    Joel Littlefield’s short, highly practical book will inspire pastors to develop coalitions, for their own good, to strengthen the local church, and advance the Kingdom of God.

    Joel Littlefield wants to see God at work in his community, and invites other pastors to share the vision: for men, women and children to surrender to the lordship of Christ through the regenerating work of the Spirit; for new churches to be planted and declining churches revitalised; for congregations to be about the work of making disciples of Christ. Pastors with this gospel-minded mindset can be hugely helped in this way: by forming coalitions with other like-minded local pastors.

    Littlefield argues that in cultivating friendships and fellowship with one another, pastors will not only build one another up, but will benefit their own churches, and the work of the gospel in their local community.

    With very practical guidance on how to go about forming these alliances for joint action, Littlefield helps identify the important qualities to look for in coalition members, and inspires readers to see how leading by example is crucial, and being a disciple is as important as making disciples.

    A short read, filled with wisdom and encouragement for the pastor who feels alone, discouraged, or like ministry might be better shoulder to shoulder with their brothers.

    Chapter headings include:

    *Something Needs to Change
    *A Kingdom Vision
    *Bringing People to the Table
    *Healthy Leaders and Healthy Churches
    *A Kingdom-Minded Mission
    *Looking Back

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  • Fulfil Your Ministry


    Delve into the depths of Paul’s experiential and godly wisdom in 2 Timothy and Titus, and find encouragement for your own ministry

    These are difficult days for those who pastor God’s people. In many parts of the world, especially in the West, culture and society have turned away from their Christian past, as if from something both passe and repulsive. Churches are profoundly divided over how to cope with this disorientating situation, and there is much unseemly confrontation. It is no wonder then that many people who might previously have considered giving their lives to full-time ministry in the church are now uneasy and uncertain at the prospect.

    And yet it is at just such a time — when huge swathes of the population are ignorant of even the basics of the faith, and churchgoers are often left confused and bewildered by the deep public rifts in the church — that we need trustworthy spiritual guides.

    Paul, an apostle, missionary church planter, and a pastor of great experience, wrote to Timothy and Titus, his trusted younger colleagues in the ministry. They were facing huge challenges in serving the gospel, trying to keep their churches safe from charlatans and false teaching while doing the work of an evangelist in places famously full of idolatry, immorality, and entrenched opposition. Paul’s letters gave them the guidance they needed in such a moment, to keep them on track. And his words contain vital instruction for those in the ministry today.

    1. Shamelessly Suffering for the Gospel (2 Timothy 1:1-10)
    2. Unashamedly Standing by Paul (2 Timothy 1:8-18)
    3. Soldiers of Christ (2 Timothy 2:1-13)
    4. Protecting the Flock (2 Timothy 2:14-26)
    5. Keep Calm and Carry On (2 Timothy 3)
    6. Fulfil Your Ministry (2 Timothy 4)
    7. A Remedy for Plague (Titus 1)
    8. What Accords with Sound Doctrine (Titus 2)
    9. The Mercy and Grace of God (Titus 3)

    Whether you are considering going into gospel ministry of some kind, training for it, or already engaged in it, this is a book to help you “fulfil your ministry” (2 Timothy 4:5), discharging all its many difficult duties — for the glory of God and the good of the world.

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  • Approaching God : Lessons From Leviticus


    Michael A. Milton uncovers the treasures of one of the Bible’s regularly overlooked books in this pastoral treatment of Leviticus.

    God’s call changed everything for the Israelites. Amid the vast, severe wilderness landscape of the Sinai region, in sun-scorched sorrow and disappointment over a recent national sin – the creation and worship of an idol of smelted jewelry – life abruptly changes. With the first line of Leviticus, “And the Lord called,” God interrupts time and space, regret and reason, futility and hope. He reveals the pattern of the gospel: the holiness of God, the problem of human sin, God’s plan of salvation, His call to holiness through His gracious provision. He shows a way for sinful humans to live in the presence of a holy God.

    Leviticus for modern-day Christians

    This call doesn’t just affect the ancient Israelites – Milton shows how Leviticus still speaks to Christ’s followers today. This book of the law points consistently to Jesus, the fullness and fulfilment of every antitype. It reveals to us in stark terms the abhorrence of sin, and the barrier it creates between mankind and God.

    Beginning with a helpful overview of Leviticus, and after providing some beneficial information about its title, authorship, time and biblical context, Milton tackles the book in four sections:

    *Called to Worship (chapters 1-7)
    *Called to Ministry (chapters 8-10)
    *Called to Purity (chapters 11-16)
    *Called to Holiness (chapters 17-27)

    Throughout, we see how this call applies not only to the ancient Israelites, but also to us.

    Get into this fascinating book

    Approaching God will be excellent for personal bible study, or for a pastor or small group leader working through the book.

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  • Heart Songs For Every Saint


    William Philip encourages readers to use the Psalms as their own heart songs, in any circumstance.

    Don’t just admire the Psalms, use them. Psalms are Spirit-inspired prayers that help us to pray rightly and truly. They give us words we trust, and treasure as our own heart songs, as we engage with God through times of both darkness and light.

    William Philip shows us that in the Psalms we find a profound revelation of God, His nature, and His ways, as well as His relationship with His people. They help us deal with all aspects of our sojourning faith, both individually and in the corporate life of the church. They give us real ‘working models’ for living day by day as Christians.

    Heart Songs for Every Saint takes six of these psalms, and shows how they can be prayed in real life situations:

    1. When God Seems Absent: Psalms 10 – A Song of Protest
    2. Right Sacrifices for Real Sinners: Psalm 51 – A Song of Penitence
    3. When We in Darkness Walk: Psalm 88 – A Song of Pain
    4. Safe in the Shadow of the Almighty: Psalm 91 – A Song of Promise
    5. Where Does Your Help Come From?: Psalm 121 – A Song of Pilgrimage
    6. Joining the Choir of the King: Psalm 145 – A Song of Praise

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  • Joy Of Jesus


    Experience the joy of Christmas in this 25-day Advent devotional

    Josh Moody invites readers to spend the Advent season meditating on the joy offered in the coming of Jesus Christ, and looking forward to the day of his second coming!

    This book will help you cultivate a joyful sense of wonder. It also functions as a prayerful reminder: to celebrate the real meaning of Christmas. Christmas, at its most basic, is about the gift of Christ to save us from our sins. It speaks of the humility of God. It speaks of the grace of God. It speaks of the peace of God. It speaks of the beauty of the Savior in his infant lowliness reaching down to lift us to his divine loftiness. It means that anyone–anyone from any background, culture or socio-economic bracket, anyone at all, no matter what they have done or said or thought–may rejoice this Christmas!

    With daily Bible readings from the books of Matthew and Luke, and rounded off with a daily carol, take time out of the busyness of the Christmas season to allow your heart and soul to be filled with Christ and see his glory.

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  • Long Obedience In The Same Direction Commemorative Edition


    Over 300,000 Copies Sold

    Since Eugene Peterson first wrote this spiritual formation classic more than forty years ago, hundreds of thousands of Christians have been inspired by its call to deeper discipleship. As a society, we are still obsessed with the immediate, but Peterson’s time-tested prescription for discipleship remains the same-a long obedience in the same direction.

    Long obedience requires a deepening life of prayer. Peterson finds encouragement for today’s pilgrims in the Songs of Ascents (Psalms 120-134), sung by travelers on their way to worship in Jerusalem. With prophetic and pastoral wisdom, Peterson shows how the psalms teach us to grow in worship, service, joy, work, happiness, humility, community, and blessing.

    This commemorative edition of A Long Obedience in the Same Direction includes a preface taken from Leif Peterson’s eulogy at his father’s memorial service and a bibliography of Peterson’s works. A companion Bible study guide is also available.

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