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  • Gran Idea Del Rey – (Spanish) (DVD)


    King’s Kids Books presenta el primero de los libros de una serie emergente para nios acerca del Rey, su reino y sus hijos. Basado en el contexto de este reino, los nios aprenderan las lecciones y principios de como Dios, el Rey, quiere que sus hijos vivan. Estas historias asistiran a los padres para ayudar a sus nios a entender lo que significa vivir el estilo de vida del reino. Unete a Miguel, Kyra, Ryan y Abby para descubrir La Gran Idea del Rey, de ponerlos a cargo de La Tierra.

    Bellamente ilustrado y con representaciones significativas del reino de Dios. King’s Kids ofrece una forma divertida y atractiva para que los padres enseen a sus hijos sobre el amor de Dios. Los nios aprenden que un rey es el gobernante de una tierra, que el Rey envio a Sus hijos a la tierra y que El puso a sus hijos a cargo de todo en la tierra.

    King’s Kids Books presents the first of the books in an emerging series for children about the King, his kingdom and his children. Based on the context of this kingdom, children will learn the lessons and principles of how God, the King, wants their children to live. These stories will assist parents to help their children understand what it means to live the kingdom’s lifestyle. Join Miguel, Kyra, Ryan and Abby to discover The Great Idea of the King, to put them in charge of The Earth.

    Beautifully illustrated and with significant representations of the kingdom of God. King’s Kids offers a fun and engaging way for parents to teach their children about God’s love. Children learn that a king is the ruler of a land, that the King sent His children to earth and that He put his children in charge of everything on earth.

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  • Discipulado Que Cambia Profund – (Spanish) (DVD)


    En este video de ocho sesiones, Pete y Geri Scazzero abordan los principios biblicos fundamentales para guiarlo a una experiencia de discipulado que cambiara radicalmente su vida. Este DVD es parte del Curso de Relaciones emocionalmente sanas.

    Las sesiones incluyen:
    1. Tomar su temperatura comunitaria (26:00)
    2. Dejar de leer la mente de los demas y esclarecer sus expectativas (21:00)
    3. Trazar el arbol genealogico de su familia (24:00)
    4. Explorar el iceberg (18:00)
    5. Escuchar con empatia (24:00)
    6. Subir la cuesta de la integridad (22:00)
    7. Jugar limpio (17:00)
    8. Desarrollar una “Regla de vida” para implementar habilidades emocionalmente sanas (8:00)

    Diseado para usar con la Guia de ejercicios de Relaciones emocionalmente sanas (se vende por separado).

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  • Donde Crece El Helecho Rojo 2 – (Spanish) (DVD)


    El Regreso a Casa
    A continuation of the classic film and novel by Wilson Rawls,Where the Red Fern Grows: Part 2 picks up several years after Billy Coleman’s childhood adventures in the Ozarks during the Great Depression with his two beloved hound dogs, Old Dan and Little Ann. Now Billy is all grown up, a World War II veteran returning to his childhood farm and trying to readjust to civilian life. Embittered and saddened by the loss of his leg, Billy receives a pair of redbone pups like he had as a boy, a gift from his grandfather to try to help him heal. As Billy struggles to overcome his bitterness, he strives to convince his sister Sara that his service buddy Rainie is not worthy of her affections. In the midst of these trials, Billy befriends a neighbor boy, Wilson, whose youthful fascination with the redbone pups helps Billy rediscover the joy of life. The spectacular country backdrop, the innocence of the puppies, and the honest portrayal of small-town values and life lessons make for a fascinating and heart-warming film that will appeal to the entire family.

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  • Beyond Suffering Leaders Guide Kit 2 DVD And 1 CD – (Spanish) (DVD)


    Created by Joni and Friends Christian Institute on Disability. Beyond Suffering Leaders Guide is a 2 DVD and CD-ROM set that offers teaching resources for use with the Beyond Suffering Study Guide. Inside this case you’ll find a complete leaders guide, 16 lesson plans, introductory videos for each course module, case studies from the award-winning Joni and Friends Television Episodes and much more!

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  • Resucitado De Entre Los Muerto – (Spanish) (VHS)


    This is the remarkable story of a Nigerian pastor, Daniel Ekechukwu, who was fatally injured in a car accident near the town of Onitsha, Nigeria, Africa on November 30th, 2001. During a dramatic journey to a hospital in Owerri, Nigeria, he lost all life signs and was later pronounced dead by two different medical staff in two different hospitals. The latter wrote a Medical report and commissioned the corpse to the mortuary. But Daniels wife remembered a verse in Scripture from Hebrews 11:
    “Women received their dead raised to life again.”
    She heard about a meeting where Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke was going to preach, and proceeded by bringing Daniels body in his coffin. What follows is a story you will never forget.

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