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Laura Taranto

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  • Moving In Miracles And Healing


    A Powerful Guidebook to Operating in the Miraculous

    Though many believers hear stories about healings and miracles, they fail to see them in their lives. Why?

    International healing evangelist, Jean-Luc Traschel believes we have missed the five biblical cornerstones of healing that empower you to walk in the supernatural as an everyday lifestyle not just an occasional occurrence.

    Jean-Luc started praying for the sick when he was sixteen years old. Today, after more than three decades of supernatural power encounters, he offers insights, personal experiences, biblical foundation, and practical instruction for you to believe for and experience miracles in your life!

    In Moving in Miracles and Healing, Jean-Luc Traschel empowers you to overcome every barrier and see the supernatural break in by applying the five cornerstones for biblical healing.You will:

    *Encounter Jehovah Rapha, the God Whose very name is Healer

    *Discover the legal foundation for healing that will help you build unshakable faith for the miraculous

    *Operate in the realm of Kingdom Demonstration where you shift from being an ordinary believer to a Kingdom-minded ambassador

    *Move in the realm of faith where you learn how to pull the possible into the impossible

    *Be led by the Holy Spirit and partner with His unique healing methods for each situation

    Don’t settle for less than the miraculous! Unlock the simple key to moving in the miraculous power of the Holy Spirit, and see the Kingdom of God break into your world

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  • Take Your Place In The Harvest Of Nations


    Do you see yourself as a radical world-changer? Or do you, like many Christians, wonder what your role is in God’s Kingdom plan? No matter where you are in your journey, Take Your Place in the Harvest of Nations will empower you to realize the dreams God has planted in your heart!

    The stories within these pages reveal the glorious transformation that God is bringing to Europe – a continent notorious for its resistance to the gospel. Veteran European ministry leaders share their victories, disappointments, small beginnings, and practical principles gained from years on the mission field. Their stories and teaching will help you…
    *Discover your unique purpose in God.
    *Have courage and faith to persevere in trials.
    *Pursue your vision until it becomes reality.
    *Learn from the wisdom of experienced leaders.
    *Live in the supernatural power of God.

    As you read these testimonies, you will be encouraged, energized, and inspired for all that God has destined for your life and nation.

    It’s time to awaken to your destiny, and Take Your Place in the Harvest of Nations!

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