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John Hindley

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  • Refreshed : Devotions For Your Time Away


    Vacations often give us an opportunity to rest and reflect. However, when our normal routines and habits are suspended, it can be hard to spend time with God.

    These 30 devotions have been specifically designed to help you to rest in the Lord’s goodness and glory during your time away so that you can return home feeling refreshed spiritually as well as physically.

    Author John Hindley, who also wrote Serving without Sinking, says this:

    “I want to help you find rest, peace, joy, hope, and renewed zeal. We go away to be refreshed. Christ is the one who sets his Spirit in our hearts to cause streams of living water to well up within us and flow from us. Sometimes we rest away from Jesus, but how much better to rest with and in him? He is where our true refreshment is found.”

    You can pick and choose which devotions to read depending on the type of vacation you are on (for example, city break or beach) and there are optional family activities and questions linked to each devotion giving other family members an opportunity to reflect alongside you.

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  • Dealing With Disappointment


    13 Chapters

    Additional Info
    Life is disappointing. And disappointment can so easily come to dominate our life-the nagging thought in the back of our minds and the constant ‘but’ coloring all our pleasures.

    In this realistic, hope-filled book, John Hindley shows how to deal with disappointment – what disappointment is, what it does, and how to learn to live with the disappointments while also knowing joy.

    If your life isn’t perfect… you need this book!

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  • You Can Really Grow


    1. I Know I Ought To Grow…
    2. I Don’t Really Want To Grow…
    3. I Don’t Really Know How To Grow…
    4. Audacious Requests
    5. How Bible Reading Can Stunt Your Growth
    6. Growing As Your Church Does
    7. Seeing Jesus In Creation
    8. People And Their Stories
    9. The Nitty-gritty Of Growth
    9. How Suffering Can Grow Us
    10. How Sin Can Grow Us
    11. Where We’re Growing To

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    God does not want us simply to survive in our faith. He wants us to thrive, to enjoy growing as part of his family.

    Many of us want to grow, but don’t know how to. Many of us feel stuck in a rut in our faith, or are following routines that don’t seem to work. John shows us what growth actually is… why growth is hugely exciting… and how to grow into the people we long to be. You can really grow, and this books shows you how.

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  • Serving Without Sinking


    1. Introduction
    2. Serving Can Be Joyful
    3. A Wrong View Of God
    4. A Wrong View Of People
    5. Served By Christ
    6. Friends With The Boss
    7. Bride Of The King
    8. Sons In The Father’s Business
    9. Still Being Served
    10. The Gift Of Service
    11. Service Is Love
    12. Slaves With A Master
    13. The Joy Of Serving Jesus

    Additional Info
    Many of us are serving, and feel like we’re sinking. We feel joyless, weary and burdened.

    John Hindley shows how Jesus was telling the truth when He offered people an “easy yoke”-a way of serving Him that is joyful and liberating. He explains why serving is so often joyless-and how our identity in Christ changes everything.

    If you are serving, but sometimes feel as though you’re sinking… you need this book!

    If you know someone who has burn out, or is heading in that direction…they need this book too.

    * Written in a personal, warm, gospel-hearted style.
    * Encourages readers to see not only how they serve, but WHY they serve
    * Points Christians away from themselves and back to Jesus
    * Frees people from the burdens of joyless, duty-based serving

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