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JoAnne Simmons

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  • My Daily Prayer Plan 2024 Edition


    Looking for a way to jump-start your prayer life?

    My Daily Prayer Plan will help grow a vibrant prayer life while keeping a record of your faith journey throughout 2024. This dated, interactive prayer tracker gives you the perfect place to record your conversations with God throughout the year. Each month opens with a calendar and devotional theme, including Blessings, Faithfulness, Joy, Love, Contentment, and more! Every day includes a scripture and short devotional prayer starter as well as dedicated areas for personal prayer, daily prayer requests, praises, and answers to prayers. Truly interactive, My Daily Prayer Plan: 2024 Edition will leave you with a lasting record of how God worked in your life all year long.

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  • 5 Minute Bible Study Journal For Women Peaceful Meditations For Bedtime


    Do you find it hard to make time for Bible study?

    You intend to do it, but before you know it, another week has passed and you haven’t picked up God’s Word. This book provides simple tools for you to open the Bible at the end of the day to dig into God’s Word–even if you only have five minutes!

    Minutes 1-2: Read a few verses pulled from a lengthier passage. If time allows, read the full passage listed for you in each Bible study.

    Minute 3: Understand. Answer thoughtful questions designed to help you apply the verses from the Bible to your own life.

    Minute 4: Apply. Read a brief devotion based on the scripture you read.

    Minute 5: Pray. A prayer starter will help you to begin a time of conversation with God.

    The 5-Minute Bible Study Journal for Women: Peaceful Meditations for Bedtime will help you establish the discipline of consistent study of scripture. You will find that even five minutes focused on scripture and prayer has the power to make a huge difference in your life. Soon you will be making time for more!

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  • Worry Less Pray More Teen Girl


    Worry-Free Devotional Guide Offers Calm for an Anxiety-Filled Soul

    This purposeful devotional guide features 180 readings and prayers designed to help alleviate your worries as you learn to live in the peace of the Almighty God, who offers calm for your anxiety-filled soul. Inspired by this promise from God’s Word: “Don’t fret or worry. Instead of worrying, pray. Let petitions and praises shape your worries into prayers, letting God know your concerns. Before you know it, a sense of God’s wholeness, everything coming together for good, will come and settle you down. It’s wonderful what happens when Christ displaces worry at the center of your life” (Philippians 4:6-7 MSG), Worry Less, Pray More reinforces the truth that with God, you can live anxiety-free every single day–whether you worry about your friendships, school, fitting in, the future, or something more.

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  • Prayers And Promises For Girls


    Plant God’s Unfailing Promises in Girls’ Hearts!

    For 200 days, girls will be introduced to delightful promises from God’s Word alongside relatable, devotional-like prayers.

    Touching on topics like courage, fitting in, hope, trust, joy, God’s plan, and more, each reading will help girls ages 8 and up create a strong foundation for a faith-filled life.

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  • Prayers And Promises For Boys


    Plant God’s Unfailing Promises in Boys’ Hearts!

    For 200 days, boys will be introduced to delightful promises from God’s Word alongside relatable, devotional-like prayers. Touching on topics like courage, fitting in, hope, trust, joy, God’s plan, and more, each reading will help boys ages 8 and up create a strong foundation for a faith-filled life.

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  • Prayers For Uncertain Times: When You Dont Know What To Pray


    Your Guide for Praying in Uncertain Times

    Here’s a practical guide of short prayer starters that will help readers pray confidently during uncertain times. From illness and death to family fights and job loss, dozens of topics are covered. Each section opens with a short devotional thought and applicable scripture. Great as a ministry resource or for a personal library, Prayers for Uncertain Times is a must-have tool for anyone searching for a stronger prayer life.

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  • Year Of Bible Prayers


    A Year of Bible Prayers Is Sure to Become a Storytime Favorite in Your House!

    This lovely keepsake Bible storybook for kids celebrates each month of the calendar year with four stories of prayer from God’s Word.

    Stories are arranged into themes relating to the specific month:

    *January: Protection
    *February: Blessing
    *March: Healing
    *April: Resurrection
    *May: Mothers
    *June: Fathers
    *July: Forgiveness
    *August: Victory in Battle
    *September: Silly Prayers
    *October: Wisdom
    *November: Helpless Prayers
    *December: Prayers by and about Jesus

    Each section includes four colorfully illustrated stories of Bible prayers reinforcing the monthly theme and showing kids how God works in response to the prayers of His people!

    A fun bonus section at the end of the book features a list of yearly calendar celebrations with dates and brief explanations.

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  • 3 Minute Devotions For Hope And Healing


    Got 3 minutes to spare?

    You’ll find the spiritual pick-me-up you desire in 3-Minute Devotions for Hope and Healing.

    This delightful devotional packs a powerful dose of encouragement, hope, and healing into 180 just-right-sized readings for you.

    *Minute 1: scripture to meditate on
    *Minute 2: a short devotional reading
    *Minute 3: a prayer to jump-start a conversation with God

    Take time to pause, reflect, and rejuvenate by reading scripture, encouraging words, and a prayer starter to begin a dialogue with God. No matter what your day brings, this just-right-sized inspiration is guaranteed to be just the pick-me-up you need in your faith walk.

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  • More Than Courageous


    Girls are courageous. . .and so much more!

    This delightful devotional–just for your girl–is a lovely reminder of all God created her to be. 180 encouraging readings and inspiring prayers, rooted in biblical truth, challenge girls to be courageous, kind, wise, honest, loving, loyal, hard-working, and so much more! In each devotional reading, your courageous girl will discover her value and purpose, while coming to understand God’s plan for her life. More Than Courageous: Devotions and Prayers for a Girl’s Heart is a wonderful gift for girls 8 and up!

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  • Bedtime Blessings And Prayers For Courageous Girls


    Delightful Bedtime Bible Truths for Courageous Girls Will Encourage and Inspire.

    Your courageous girls ages 5 and up will delight in these bedtime devotions and prayers created especially for their impressionable young hearts. Touching on topics important to them, girls will encounter dozens of just-right-sized readings that will both comfort and inspire. . .the perfect way to wind down at the end of a busy day. Every turn of the page features bright, colorful illustration alongside easy-to-understand scripture and Bible truths that will help build a strong faith foundation for life!

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  • 3 Minute Devotions For Courageous Girls


    Got 3 minutes, courageous girl?

    Take a few moments of your day to quiet your spirit, think on God’s amazing love for you, and make a meaningful connection with your heavenly Father with these 3-minute readings designed just for you!

    Minute 1: meditate on a scripture selection
    Minute 2: read through a devotional created just for you
    Minute 3: read a prayer designed to help jump-start your conversation with God

    In only 3 short minutes, you’ll be on your way to a beautifully courageous spirit! This delightful devotional packs a powerful dose of comfort, encouragement, and inspiration into dozens readings designed to meet you right where you are in life.

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