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Jamie Buckingham

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  • Spirit Led Life


    “God has placed inside each one of us a spiritual dream. It’s what God has breathed into us-a little bit of Himself. And it’s that part that is calling us unto Him.”

    As Jamie Buckingham states in this remarkable recounting of his own personal journey with the Holy Spirit–through his strict moral upbringing, his salvation experience, and his “dark pit” days as a disgraced Southern Baptist pastor, and his highly successful writing career. Jamie Buckingham shares how God broke down his resistance to the baptism of the Holy Spirit and taught him how to be led by the Spirit day by day.

    Jamie shares his journey with characteristic transparency, humor and insight. He uses his own story to encourage each one of us to discover our unique identity, purpose, and power-to realize our God-given dream-through a personal experience with the Spirit of God.

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  • Meeting God At Every Corner Devotional


    Meeting God at Every Corner is an exciting new 365-day daily devotional based entirely on the teachings of Jamie Buckingham, one of the best-known and best-loved Christian leaders of his time. Jamie was known for his unique ability to teach God’s Word with grace, insight, transparency, and humor. Always relatable and accessible, Jamie sought to be Spirit-led in everything he said and did–and to encourage his fellow believers to do the same.

    A decade in the making, this 365-day devotional is the compilation and capstone of Jamie’s teachings, adapted from sermons recorded over a 30-year period. Each devotion is written to give you a fresh glimpse into the multi-faceted heart of God and to challenge and inspire you to be led by His Spirit.

    Jamie’s teaching is as relevant today as ever–and maybe more so, given the unique hour in which we live. Allow him to take you on this year-long, Spirit-led, Spirit-filled journey. Deepen your understanding of what it means to live each day as Jamie did, knowing that God is always there, ready and waiting to meet you at every corner.

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  • Daughter Of Destiny


    Wherever Kathryn Kuhlman went, people who once thought miracles impossible learned to believe in miracles.

    Before she died, she asked that only Jamie Buckingham be allowed to write her official biography-withholding nothing. Here, then, is the story, not of a plaster saint, but of a very human woman-of marriage and divorce, of betrayal within her own staff, of the shadowy events that surrounded her death. It is the story of Kathryn Kuhlman that few knew, as she wanted it told-all of it. It is the story of the redhead from Missouri who became the foremost woman evangelist of the 20th century.

    Enhanced with personal photographs from Kathryn’s family album, illustrating her life story.

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  • Run Baby Run


    One of the most influential Christian books of modern times, with over 12 million copies sold worldwide. The book is being re-issued with a compelling foreword by Tim Dilena to emphasize its relevance today.

    Nicky Cruz’s powerful story of redemption, salvation and transformation is a powerful testament to the glorious transformative power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. A vicious fighter, criminal, drug user, drunkard and thief he was the leader of one of New York City’s most violent gangs, the Mau Mau. But all that changed when he met David Wilkerson, author of The Cross and the Switchblade, who refused to give up on Nicky Cruz. When he finally met Jesus and accepted Him as his Savior, Nicky Cruz left his violent life and gang to start a ministry that impacts young people today. His story proves that anyone can be reached with the gospel of Christ.

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  • Glimpse Into Glory


    37 Chapters

    Additional Info
    A personal look into the beliefs of Kathryn Kuhlman. The chapters have been carefully transcribed – and edited – from a number of her radio teachings. They also represent the best of some of the messages she preached around the nation. Several of them are from unpublished statements she gave various magazines and newspapers – taken verbatim from interview tapes. What she had to say will give us not only insight into the real Kathryn Kuhlman but also provide something far more important: glimpses into glory.

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