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Henry Fernandez

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  • Favor Unleashed : Embracing Gods Best For You


    In Favor Unleashed, Fernandez takes you on an unparalleled adventure through God’s promises for every believer, empowering you to resist fear, doubt, unbelief, the opposition of others, and every other obstacle that comes against His purpose in your life.

    He will show you how, with God’s help, you can:
    Maintain your faith focus
    Identify your spiritual calling
    Redeem your mind and thoughts
    Face adversity victoriously
    Overcome rejection and fear
    Truly realize that you are blessed

    Today–beginning here and now–you can step into God’s fullness and experience His best for your life. He is committed to a great purpose and destiny for you. Unleash His abundant favor!

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  • Fe Familia Y Finanzas – (Spanish)


    Rebuild the Foundations of
    …Your Faith
    …Your Family
    …Your Finances

    God is ready to help Christians rebuild and strengthen the foundations of their lives. By calling on Him and returning to His plan for success, you can:
    *Break free from the chains of debt
    *Enjoy God’s miraculous provision
    *Strengthen family relationships
    *Make wise decisions
    *Find freedom from fear
    *Build a power-filled faith
    *Protect your family from spiritual attacks
    *Live a joyful, victorious life

    Experience all of the blessings, prosperity, and abundance God has in store for every area of your life!

    Reconstruya los cimientos de
    …su fe
    …su familia
    …sus finanzas

    Dios esta preparado para ayudar a los cristianos a reconstruir y fortalecer los cimientos de sus vidas. Al clamar a El y regresar a su plan para el exito, usted puede:
    *Ser libre de las cadenas de la deuda
    *Disfrutar de la milagrosa provision de Dios
    *Fortalecer las relaciones familiares
    *Tomar decisiones sabias
    *Encontrar libertad del temor
    *Edificar una fe llena de poder
    *Proteger a su familia de ataques espirituales
    *Vivir una vida gozosa y victoriosa

    !Experimente todas las bendiciones, prosperidad y abundancia que Dios tiene preparadas para cada area de su vida!

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  • Faith Family And Finances


    America faces high unemployment, huge debt, and a collapsing housing market. Author Henry Fernandez believes that we are facing the consequences of our abandonment of godly standards. You can free yourself from debt and overcome fear by returning to God’s plan for your success. Your faith, finances, and family can have abundance in all areas of your life.

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