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  • Dream Big For Kids


    What if you were created for something so special, so amazing, so big that you could change the world? Dream Big for Kids, by New York Times bestselling author Bob Goff and his daughter, Lindsey, shares the inspiring message that your dreams have a purpose. In this children’s book about aspirations, kids will find that dreaming big is about becoming the wonderful, creative person God created them to be.

    Bob Goff wants kids to know that their dreams matter! The author and his writer daughter invite readers on a journey of discovering what it means to dream big. From writing songs to climbing mountains to fighting sickness as a doctor or scientist, dreams don’t look the same for everyone. And they don’t become big dreams because they’re loud or popular. Dreams grow from the creative spirit and individual spark God put in each of us to make a difference, to build something new, and to help the world.

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  • Berenstain Bears And The Joy Of Giving For Little Ones


    Young readers will understand the true meaning behind Christmas in this addition to the Living Lights(TM) series of The Berenstain Bears books. In this abridged board book edition of the bestselling The Berenstain Bears and the Joy of Giving, little ones will discover that Christmas is more than receiving gifts when they read about Brother and Sister Bear at the Christmas Eve pageant.

    The Berenstain Bears and the Joy of Giving for Little Ones–part of the popular Zonderkidz
    Living Lights series of books–is perfect for:

    *Sharing with young ones ages 0-4
    *Stocking stuffers and holiday gifts
    *Sparking conversations about the joy of giving to others and having an attitude of gratitude

    The Berenstain Bears and the Joy of Giving for Little Ones:

    *Features the hand-drawn artwork of the Berenstain family

    *Continues in the much-loved footsteps of Stan and Jan Berenstain as part of The Berenstain Bears series of books

    *Is part of one of the bestselling children’s book series ever created, with more than 250 books published and nearly 300 million copies sold to date

    Look for additional inspirational children’s picture books in The Berenstain Bears Living Lights(TM) series.

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  • In Jesus Name I Pray


    This simple story teaches children the biblical model for praying in Jesus’ name and not for their own wants. Kids can take comfort that God hears and answers their prayers when they ask for the things that are important to Him and His Kingdom.

    Someone told TJ the squirrel that he could ask for anything in Jesus’ name and it would happen.

    All the nuts in the entire forest? Done.

    Never to have to work hard again? Sure, no problem.

    To have a big tree house? Why not?

    All TJ needs to do is ask for anything he wants and make sure to say the magic words, “In Jesus’s name.” After all, isn’t that how prayer works?

    Your child will learn along with TJ that praying in Jesus’ name means asking for what the Bible says is important to Jesus-things like obedience, hard work, and thankfulness-not just whatever we want.

    Help your child develop a lifelong habit of effective, biblical prayer.

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  • Story Of Water


    The mighty flood, the woman at the well, the watery walls outside Egypt-these key stories about water fill the Bible and reveal God’s big story about Jesus.

    In The Story of Water, Caroline Saunders takes the reader on a journey through the Old and New Testaments, highlighting several of water’s biggest moments. From the Creation to the Flood, from Jesus’s baptism to the calming of the stormy sea, the reader traces the theme of water to learn the bigger theme of Scripture: Our only rescue is found in Jesus Christ. He gives us Living Water that never runs out. With whimsical illustrations and lyrical prose, The Story of Water is sure to captivate young readers with its powerful visuals and a compelling, biblical storyline.

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  • Otter B Thankful


    Otter B: Thankful is the tenth in a series of children’s books that teach young children basic biblical character traits.

    In Thankful, Otter B’s friend Franklin takes a trip to the Race Car Museum, and Tabitha gets a new scooter–but instead of being happy for them, Otter B is jealous. While Otter B is feeling sad, Felicia and Roscoe arrive with their Gratitude Jars. Together, they show Otter B all the things they have to be grateful for. Otter B stops feeling sad about the things he wants and learns to be thankful for everything he has.

    Each book ends with a rhyme that reinforces the lesson and includes an appropriate Bible verse.

    “When you’re sad ’cause you can’t get
    the things you want or see,
    try giving thanks for what you have.
    It’s how you Otter Be!”

    (1 Thessalonians 5:18)

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  • Fly High


    Experiencing loss–in the varied ways it comes to us–affects everyone differently.

    As adults, we have ways to verbalize how we are feeling. Many children, however, lack the vocabulary and the understanding to name the emotions they experience when they go through grief. They just know they are hurting inside. They are feeling sad, angry, lonely, or maybe even scared. These feelings manifest in different ways depending on the age of the children.

    Our book is about a sister and a brother who love watching a mama bird care for her babies until the unthinkable happens–the mother bird dies. In this story, the reader is taken on a journey through various stages of emotions associated with grief. It ends, however, with baby birds learning to fly, and the promise of hope that is found in new beginnings.

    With hope-filled language featured in the layered-text format, our desire is that each reader will discover it’s okay to have the feelings he or she is having and that, each new day holds healing, hope, and promise.

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  • Joy To The World


    Discover the true meaning of Christmas with beloved VeggieTales characters and a holiday story little ones will love.

    Welcome to the Veggie Christmas Show! Little ones will be captivated by a Christmas extravaganza that starts with a guitar solo by Larry and ends with a Veggie reenactment of the first Christmas night. With cheerful hearts and spirits, the Veggies remind others of the simple joy of Christmas. This lighthearted book is perfect for reading together during the festive holiday season.

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  • Wreck The Halls


    Decking the halls turns into a chaotic disaster in this humorous board book about an overeager tow truck who desperately wants to help its friends decorate.

    Tow truck can’t wait to help its friends get into the Christmas spirit. But as tow truck excitedly decorates, wraps, and decks the halls, things turn into a bit of a wreck. Packed with puns and festive cheer, this silly tale will delight little readers. Likewise, parents will appreciate the book’s message that Christmas spirit doesn’t come from pretty decorations or shiny presents, but from the heart.

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  • Kiss Is Coming


    A kiss is coming. Who is it for? You!

    A Kiss Is Coming is a tender board book accompanied by adorable illustrations of sleepy animals. The story begins with a mama mouse asking her baby mouse, “A kiss is coming. Who is it for?” Children will love to guess which animal the kiss is for and will find themselves giggling in anticipation as they begin to sense that they, along with the baby mouse, have a kiss coming their way at the end of the story! Perfect for a bedtime read-aloud, or any time parents are looking for a sweet time of connection with their child

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  • All Will Be Well


    Mima is very sick, and Julian is worried–she wonders if God can hear her or if God cares. So Mima explains to Julian that God loves us and that God can be trusted even when we are sad or angry. This gentle, beautifully illustrated story of a grandmother’s love for her granddaughter incorporates the timeless wisdom of Julian of Norwich.

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  • Im So Glad You Were Born


    New York Times bestselling author and FOX News anchor Ainsley Earhardt has created a picture book that celebrates ALL the dreams come true–a parent’s, a child’s, and Creator God’s! I’m So Glad You Were Born is full of love and hope and has a sweet, playful message inspired by Scripture that will leave your child without a doubt just how thankful you are that they are in your life and that they were created to be extraordinary.

    Parents and children both have big dreams–about their life and the wonders the future holds. I’m So Glad You Were Born celebrates those dreams as well as the wonder of everyday experiences like all the sweet and special snuggles and cuddles, fun times and learning times too!

    I’m So Glad You Were Born:

    *Will appeal to children as well as the adults who love them

    *Is a perfect gift for childhood celebrations including baby showers, birthdays, graduation gifts, communion, confirmation, and dedication gifts

    *Is written in sweet (and humorous) rhyme perfect for reading aloud

    *Features beautiful illustrations by artist Kim Barnes

    I’m So Glad You Were Born is an inspiring and loving message to your child, sure to become a go-to favorite for reading aloud as well as during bedtime snuggles!

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  • Mama Sing My Song


    Amanda Seibert, founder of Mama Sing My Song, the popular company that creates personalized songs for parents to gift to their children, knows that the words we speak over our little ones can shape them for years to come. Mama, Sing My Song is a beautiful children’s book about God’s big love, giving families affirming words to shower on their kids, revealing the bright joy, deep care, and unending love they have in their hearts.

    When we look at our children, we see those one-in-a-million grins, their crinkled noses, and sweet eyes looking back at us, which soften our hearts. God designed those babies uniquely, and Mama, Sing My Song is a celebration of all that is lovely and true about your child. Let your little ones know they are safe, loved, and cherished in your family.

    This affirming picture book for 4- to 8-year-olds:

    *celebrates the love between parent and child
    *encourages kids to embrace God’s love for them
    *provides kids the security and love they’re seeking
    *highlights all that is good in our little ones

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  • All The Colors Of Christmas


    The bestselling author of When God Made You and When I Pray for You captures the wonder of Christmas and the joy of Jesus’ birth in a lyrical exploration of what makes the season so colorful, magical, and personal.

    In his trademark style, Matthew Paul Turner celebrates the Christmas season, particularly the colors that infuse the holiday and all the memorable sensations and experiences–including a festive market, sledding, and nativity scene–connected to those bright hues. Matthew draws his readers into a whirling ribbon of the familiar reds and greens of Christmas, as well as other festive hues, including white, gold, blue, and brown.

    Christmas is RED.
    It’s a bright shiny sled.
    It’s candy canes,
    and toy store lanes.
    It’s sprinkles on sweet bread.
    Christmas is BROWN
    It’s pinecones scattered round…
    It’s a cradle soft with hay
    And a donkey’s gentle bray.

    It’s God within
    a baby’s skin
    on that very first Christmas Day.

    All the colors come together when readers are reminded that Christmas is YOU– you’re a part of the story, the joy and the glory! Matthew shows us again and again that the holidays are nothing without being with the people we love, celebrating treasured traditions, and making new memories–all in vivid color.

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  • Brown Baby Jesus


    Celebrate Christmas with this unique retelling of the Nativity story featuring Jesus as a melanated baby in a story that’s rich with Scripture, historical accuracy, and a multicultural weaving of love-from the author of Crowned with Glory.

    Like Moses, brown baby Jesus would be a deliverer. Like Rahab, brown baby Jesus would save His people from destruction. Like David, brown baby Jesus would rule as a great king. Like the colorful threads that make up a beautiful cloth, Brown Baby Jesus brings together the characters and stories leading to Jesus-showing how God included many races and nations in the story we celebrate each year.

    With an unconventional Christmas setting of Egypt and written in sweet, lyrical prose, Brown Baby Jesus is sure to become a holiday classic embraced by families of all races and backgrounds.

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  • Who God Wants Me To Be


    This empowering picture book features a diverse cast of little girls dreaming of all the things they can be when they grow up and exploring how they can serve God in all kinds of careers.

    I’ll keep trusting God, and then I will see
    exactly who He wants me to be.

    An artist, a teacher, a doctor, a stay-at-home mom–there are so many things a girl might want to be when she grows up. And even if she changes her mind as she cultivates new passions and skills, that’s okay! The important thing to remember is that she will discover the talents and desires given to her by God as she grows and learns. Whether she becomes a protector, healer, builder, or creator, she can use her gifts to share God’s love with others!

    Join Haley, Isabela, Lexi, and Ashley as they explore different careers and encourage all girls to trust God and who he created them to be!

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  • Stay This Way Forever For Little Ones


    Now in board book, come celebrate the joy, wonder, and innocence of being a child with this love letter to the little ones in your life, encouraging and affirming their own special qualities now and always.

    Inspired by the endearing qualities she sees in her own son, Linsey Davis, Emmy Award-winning ABC News correspondent and bestselling author of The World Is Awake and One Big Heart, is releasing another beautiful board book especially for parents and grandparents to share with their little ones. With imaginative illustrations from bestselling artist Lucy Fleming paired with playful and heartwarming read-aloud rhymes, this board book will affirm young hearts and make a lasting impact on young minds as children discover their own unique qualities.

    Stay This Way Forever for Little Ones:

    *is an all new board book abridgement of Stay This Way Forever by bestselling author Linsey Davis

    *is a great snuggle-up read for the little ones in your life

    *beautifully and authentically celebrates diversity in its characters

    *includes whimsical, joy-filled illustrations from bestselling artist Lucy Fleming

    *features a durable board book format and is the perfect size for little ones ages 0-4

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  • Good News God Loves You


    Precious little ones will be delighted by Lizzie Walkley’s frolicking barnyard animals while learning deep truths about God’s great love for them. In gentle rhyme and rhythm best-selling author Glenys Nellist affirms the heights and depths and permanence of God’s love. Snuggle up for storytime with your little one and help them grasp just how much our God loves them using this adorable board book (for ages 1-4).

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  • Good News Its Creation


    You’re never too young to learn about your Creator and the wonderful plan God had for creation. Wonder and delight fill every page as best-selling author Glenys Nellist shares God’s amazing work of creation with little ones. With fun, biblically sound teaching, kids will learn through Lizzie Walkley’s warm and vibrant style that everything God made, from the sun and moon to Adam and Eve, rejoices in God’s design.

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  • Away In A Manger


    A classic carol reimagined in a beautiful picture book

    This delightful, full-color picture book brings Away in a Manger to life for three- to six-year-olds. Filled with characters and animals from the nativity scene, this Christmas book for kids illuminates the wonder of the Christmas story through the lyrics of the beloved carol.

    With stunning illustrations from artist Jean Claude, this book is ideal for reading together, or singing along, as a family. Parents and kids alike will discover afresh the joy of one of the most well-known Christmas tunes in the world. It’s also a wonderful tool for introducing young children to the Christmas story in a way that’s easy to remember and is utterly engaging.

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  • Gods Creation : Help Tell The Story


    In the tradition of Press Here, God’s Creation: Help Tell the Story is an exciting new way for children to experience God’s creation of the world as they interact with the words, follow along with easy-to-understand directions, and watch the story of God’s creation unfold.

    This interactive picture book not only engages and keeps kids’ attention, but also helps them internalize and commit the story to memory. Bold, conceptual art by Hong Kong artist Joanne Liu leaves room for little ones’ imaginations to expand the story and begin to understand the greatness of God and his creation.

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  • Door Made For Me


    Emotional and honest, this picture book explores a racist encounter from the perspective of a young Black boy, while offering a message of unconditional love and acceptance to soothe the pain that comes from blind prejudice.

    In this story based on the author’s childhood, a young Black boy confronts his first experience of overt racism. In recounting the events to his grandfather, the young narrator asks: “How can she hate me when she doesn’t know me?” Grandpa offers wisdom and encouragement to the child, reminding him that another person’s hate does not change the fact that he is loved and that he matters. While offering an unflinching look at the emotional impact of the encounter, Tyler Merritt presents a message of love and acceptance that will resonate with young readers and offer a starting point for conversations about racial equality between parent or caregiver and child.

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  • Clever Cub Learns To Share


    Clever Cub is a curious little bear who LOVES to cuddle up with the Bible and learn about God.

    Clever Cub does not want to share with Skippy the Squirrel until Papa Bear tells him about a boy in the Bible who shared all he had.

    This colorful picture book from the creator of the YouVersion Bible App for Kids:

    *Tells the story of Jesus feeding the five thousand with loaves and fishes in John 6:1-14.
    *Teaches children ages 3 to 6 how wonderful it is to share with others.
    *Includes questions about the story’s theme and ideas for learning more in the Bible.

    Clever Cub Learns to Share is part of the delightful Clever Cub children’s book series. Also check out Clever Cub Explores God’s Creation, Clever Cub Sings to God, Clever Cub Gives Thanks to God, Clever Cub Welcomes Baby Jesus, Clever Cub Learns about Love,Clever Cub and the Easter Surprise, and Clever Cub Trusts God.

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  • All About Christmas


    Bursting with colorful photography, this essential reference guide helps curious young minds check out the facts behind the very first Christmas, as well as enjoy fun stories about the way Christmas is celebrated around the world.

    Inside the pages of All about Christmas, you’ll find:

    – engaging content suitable for ages 7-10

    – colorful photography with clear text in bite-sized “fact file” chunks of information to encourage and inform even reluctant readers

    – punchy facts providing at-a-glance information

    – hardback format, making it the perfect gift

    Go back in time and explore fascinating facts about the Roman civilization at the time of Jesus’ birth, what the life of a shepherd was like, and how far Mary and Joseph traveled to get to Bethlehem. Plus, have fun checking out why Germans hide pickles and why Icelandic children leave their shoes on the window sill on Christmas Eve!

    Children will learn that the Christmas story is rooted in real places, real people and real historic events, so they can be confident that it is fact, not fiction.

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  • Praise Him


    Remember this, a simple song, and lift your voice and praise!

    In this beautifully illustrated board book, Lauren Chandler’s lyrical lines encourage us that in the day or in the night, wherever we go, we can praise God continually.

    From page to page, follow a child through her day as she goes from sunny morning to stormy afternoon and then shadowy night. Be reminded that God is always there with us, even when days are hard, and that we need only simple words to praise Him.

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  • Clever Cub Trusts God


    Clever Cub is a curious little bear who LOVES to cuddle up with the Bible and learn about God.

    Mama Bear helps Clever Cub face his fears in the night by telling him about two brave spies in the Bible. Clever Cub goes to sleep knowing that God is with him all the time!

    In this engaging picture book, the creator of the YouVersion Bible App for Kids:

    *Helps kids ages 3 to 6 overcome anxiety as they rest in God’s presence with them.
    *Tells the story of how Joshua and Caleb trusted God in the desert (from Numbers 13-14).
    *Encourages kids to talk about their emotions and how God makes them brave.

    Clever Cub Trusts God is part of the delightful Clever Cub children’s book series. Also check out Clever Cub Explores God’s Creation, Clever Cub Sings to God, Clever Cub Gives Thanks to God, Clever Cub Welcomes Baby Jesus, Clever Cub Learns about Love, Clever Cub and the Easter Surprise, and Clever Cub Learns to Share.

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  • Psalm 23 : A Colors Primer


    Psalm 23 introduces young children to one of the most beloved chapters in the Bible while teaching primary colors.

    “The Lord is my shepherd…”

    For generations, believers have sought hope and comfort in the words of Psalm 23, an exquisite portrait of God as our shepherd. Now little ones can learn about the Lord’s faithfulness, protection, and provision as they identify basic colors along the way.

    This stylish and creative board book will delight children and parents alike, making it ideal for gift giving and family story time.

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  • Otter B Free


    Otter B Free is the ninth book in a series of children’s books intended to teach young children basic biblical character traits.

    In Free, Otter B and his friends are practicing for the Fourth of July Field Day when they learn that Felicia the fox broke her leg and won’t be able to compete. At first Otter B is excited by his chances at winning the Field Day trophy, but a conversation with Daddy about our God-given freedoms gives Otter B an idea: Instead of trying to win by himself, Otter B and his friends work as a team to earn the trophy. Otter B learns that true freedom includes choosing to help, love, and care about others.

    Each book in the series includes a relevant Bible verse and ends with a fun rhyme that reinforces the lesson:

    “Being independent means
    That you are truly free:
    Free to help, to love and care.
    It’s how you Otter Be!”

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  • You Can Shine So Bright


    Help little ones learn to live by faith and love others well with this picture book from beloved television stars Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo.

    This sweet and inspiring book encourages children to let their light shine as they move about the world. As they read along, little readers will be introduced to the fruits of the Spirit from Galatians 5:22-23. Written in lighthearted verse, the story follows a group of children as they model love, joy, patience, peace, and more in everyday, relatable scenarios. This book, straight from the heart of the Vuolos, is perfect for families looking for a faith-based story to share together.

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  • Precious Moments Little Book Of Angels


    Assure your little ones of God’s love, comfort, and protection with this Precious Moments book all about His angel guardians. Cuddle up with your little angel and this soothing book of Scripture, poetry, and the classic artwork you’ve come to know and love.

    Since 1978, Precious Moments has grown into a brand recognized worldwide. Its message of God’s love shared through books and Bibles published with Thomas Nelson has impacted over 14 million lives.

    This sweet board book for 0- to 4-year-olds features:

    *classic Precious Moments illustrations

    *poems about Bible stories, angels on heaven and earth, and how God uses angels to care for us

    *Scripture verses from the trusted International Children’s Bible

    Little Book of Angels is a great gift:

    *for baby showers, baptisms, Easter baskets, birthdays, and holiday gifting
    *for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers
    *to serve as a sweet reminder to your children, grandchildren, or godchildren of how much you love them

    Cozy up together with the comfort of a loving Father and a whole host of angels. These poems will help toddlers and preschoolers drift off to sleep at bedtime feeling safe and protected or start their day feeling brave and strong. Teach your little angel the joy and safety God’s messengers bring with the perfect blend of beloved Precious Moments illustrations, favorite Scriptures, and gentle poems.

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  • Finding Your Place In Gods Great Story For Little Ones


    By breaking the Bible up into eight simple sections, children ages four to seven will start to see God’s Word as a complete story and begin to grasp what God has in store for them.

    From Genesis to Revelation, God has a story to tell: He created us so he could know and love us, and because he knew we wouldn’t be able to love and obey him perfectly, he sent his son to die for us so that we could spend eternity with him.

    Introducing young children to the major themes and key characters in the Bible, God’s Great Story for Little Ones will help them take the first step in understanding the gospel message and how it applies to their lives. They will also start to notice the narrative threads that run throughout the Bible and build a firm foundation for knowing and loving God and his Holy Word.

    Perfect for parents, grandparents, youth pastors, and Sunday school teachers to share, this book will strengthen children’s faith and increase their knowledge of the Bible and God.

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  • Everyone Belongs


    A joyful rhyming book that encourages children to not only value all people but to also make room for their differences in order to make a better, brighter, and more beautiful world, from the New York Times bestselling author of Different-A Great Thing to Be!

    “We know everyone’s different; no two are the same. You belong in our show!” the sisters exclaimed.

    Macy and Tru are putting on a spectacular talent show to highlight the ways they love to perform. Other kids arrive, eager to participate but unsure if they’ll be welcomed. Since the two sisters know that everything is a lot more fun when everybody’s included, they’re determined to find a role in the show for each person.

    Inspiring, encouraging, and packed with joy, Everyone Belongs reminds us that it’s possible to make room for all people and all abilities-and that life is brighter when we give every person a chance to shine.

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  • Literary Critters : William Shakesbear’s Journey For Inspiration


    Literary Critters is a truly unique picture book, introducing young readers to classic literary figures and encouraging them to use their imaginations. This playful story promotes literacy and storytelling as quirky playwright William Shakesbear sets off on a journey to visit some of his Literary Critter friends to see if they have any writing ideas to share–including friends like Mole Dahl, Crane Austen, Beatrix Trotter, Edgar Talon Crow, Yak Kerouac, C.S. Shrewis, Langston Mews, and more.

    As Will visits his fellow Literary Critter Guild members, he’s greeted with lots of advice from his author friends and has some adventures along the way. He also invites young readers to become part of the Literary Critters Guild and continue growing in their love for all things reading, writing, and books.

    Literary Critters includes:

    *A playful introduction to iconic authors

    *A personalized page in the book that invites the reader to become a member of the Literary Critters Guild

    *Whimsical art and characters created by Sophie Corrigan

    *Content for children ages 4-8, perfect for instilling a love of reading and literature

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  • Wherever You Go I Want You To Know


    Wherever You Go, I Want You to Know_ by Melissa B. Kruger, and illustrator, Isobel Lundie, is a charming, rhyming board book that teaches little ones that no matter where they dream of going , or what they aspire to do, their greatest dream and accomplishment should be to love and follow Jesus. This beautifully illustrated rhyming book for toddlers, will also remind parents that telling their children about Jesus is more important than anything else. Board book, ages 1 to 3 years old.

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  • Awesome Super Fantastic Forever Party


    The Awesome Super Fantastic Forever Party Board Book: Heaven with Jesus is Amazing! by Joni Eareckson Tada and illustrator, Catalina Echeverri, this exciting board book teaches toddlers about heaven and eternity by teaching that Jesus’ friends will enjoy a forever party with him in a perfect world. Using simple sentences and beautiful illustrations, toddlers will learn that in heaven we will all have new bodies, and new hearts, in an amazing place that we will never have to leave. Hardcover, 16 pages.

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  • Any Time Any Place Any Prayer


    Any Time, Any Place, Any Prayer Board Book: We Can Talk with God by Laura Wifler, and illustrator, Catalina Echeverri, uses simple sentences and splendid illustrations to teach toddlers about prayer and how they can talk with Jesus, any time, any where. Toddlers will understand that they can pray when they are happy or sad, they can say thank you, help and sorry. . .it is amazing to talk to God. Board book, ages 1 to 3 years old.

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  • Very Thankful Prayer Seek And Find


    This sweet fall-themed seek-and-find activity book helps your preschooler grow in gratitude as they search, match, learn, and give thanks.

    This interactive edition of A Very Thankful Prayer includes:

    *heartfelt rhyming text about all the blessings of the fall season

    *whimsical illustrations, updated to have just the right level of complexity for the youngest searchers

    *a key of hidden objects on each page that includes the name of each item

    *a bonus key on the back cover with even more items to find throughout the book

    Children ages 3 to 5 will build early learning skills as they:

    *develop observation and concentration skills
    *learn letter recognition and connect letters with their sounds
    *identify simple sight words and match words to pictures
    *find bright pumpkins, colorful leaves, cozy hats, adorable animals, and much more
    *build confidence in their own value and skills

    This refreshed favorite makes a great gift for many occasions for you and your children or grandchildren to enjoy throughout the fall season. Help your toddlers and preschoolers develop pre-reading skills while your family gives thanks for all that the season has to offer–from watching the autumn leaves fall and picking pumpkins from the patch to sharing a Thanksgiving meal with loved ones and learning how to give and receive.

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  • Whoo Whoo Hears You


    In this slightly spooky flap book, Mama Owl asks Little Whoo to begin the night by thanking God for their forest friends. As the two owls travel through the woods, young readers will guess which animal is hiding in each scene as Mama Owl asks questions like:

    Whoo-whoo sings to you? (Lift the flap to find out it’s the frog!)
    Whoo-whoo snacks with you? (Lift the flap to see it’s the raccoon!)
    Whoo-whoo peeks at you? (Lift the flap to discover it’s the mole!)

    The book’s simple text and sweet artwork remind young readers that they, too, are surrounded by a community who cares for them. Whoo-Whoo Hears You? is a perfect story for the fall season-or any time of year! And it’s great for reading at bedtime to encourage little ones to thank God for their own loved ones before they fall asleep.

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  • Gods Great Love For You


    Now in softcover, God’s Great Love for You, written by #1 New York Times bestselling author and respected pastor Rick Warren, takes children on a whimsical and heartfelt journey that reminds them God’s love is with them wherever they go.

    Combining Rick Warren’s powerful words with breathtaking illustrations by Chris Saunders, God’s Great Love for You:

    *Assures children that God’s love is big and unstoppable

    *Inspires children with its warm and sincere message of acceptance and love

    *Is well-loved by parents, grandparents, and their little ones as a perfect read aloud story for children ages 4-8

    *Makes a perfect gift for birthdays, christenings, dedications, Valentine’s Day, and more

    God’s Great Love
    Created the entire universe
    And everything in it
    Including you.

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  • Im Going To Give You A Bear Hug


    Now in softcover, I’m Going to Give You a Bear Hug!, written by bestselling author Caroline B. Cooney and illustrated by Tim Warnes, is a playful and comforting bedtime book that helps your child imagine all the wonderful and silly ways someone might give and receive a hug. Whether it’s a big bear, gasp for air, knock over a chair hug or a wet and drippy, slimy, slippy fish hug, children will giggle their way through all the imaginative examples of hugs we can give and receive.

    I’m Going to Give You a Bear Hug!:

    *Has sweet, whimsical rhymes and lively illustrations that encourage playful interaction between a caretaker and child

    *Prepares kids 4-8 to drift off to sleep, remembering how loved they are

    *Features all the ways kids love to snuggle with the ones they love with humor and whimsy

    *Celebrates the special bond children have with the parents, grandparents, and loved ones in their lives

    *With over 100,000 copies sold, perfect for bedtime and lap reading, as well as a gift for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Easter, and Christmas

    If you enjoy I’m Going to Give You a Bear Hug!, be sure to check out I’m Going to Give You a Polar Bear Hug! for more hugging fun!

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  • Our God Is Bigger Than That


    Our God Is Bigger Than That! begins as the sun rises on the farm, and baby farm animals face their individual fears throughout the day.

    All discover a simple truth–God’s much bigger than their fears. As the sun sets on the farm, the farmer’s little daughter is headed to bed, yet she is afraid of the dark. She faces her fear, too.

    The same repeated stanza: “God’s greater than your greatest fear. He knows just where you’re at. No matter what you face in life– Our God is bigger than that!” continues throughout the book, with only “the source of the fear” changing in each spread.

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  • King And The Dragon


    Picture Book for Kids Ages 3-5 Celebrates God’s Ultimate Victory Over Sin and Death

    When the knight slays the dragon in any story, readers and listeners all cheer in celebration. We rejoice because it echoes the Bible-the victory of good over evil is a prominent theme because the Lord came to have final victory over the devil.

    In this imaginative story, James Shrimpton teaches children the story of redemption in the Bible through the lens of dragon slaying. With a memorable rhyming style, engaging artwork, and theologically grounded storytelling, this book is perfect for teaching children the story of Christ’s defeat of sin, death, and evil.

    *Ideal for Children Ages 3-5: Teaches children about the arc of victory and defeat in a memorable rhyming style

    *Short Enough for Bedtime: Approachable length makes it ideal for younger children

    *Colorful and Whimsical: Artwork by Helena Perez Garcia will help capture the imagination of its readers

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  • Stories Of God And Kiki


    From the creators of The Inventions of God (and Eva) comes a delightfully illustrated picture book that tells the story of would-be author and artist Kiki–and the God who created her to be a lot like Him.

    Little Kiki is an aspiring author and illustrator who weaves daring tales about swashbuckling otters, all-knowing sea cucumbers, and nail-biting rescues from the clutches of gerblins (part gerbil, part goblin). But where do her imagination, creativity, and ideas come from?
    Meet God, the author of all stories. He writes adventurous tales such as Esther Saves Her Family and Friends, Jesus and the Tomb that Couldn’t Hold Him, and the Story of Kiki.

    Kiki loves to write but sometimes she forgets to include important pieces (like the time she forgot to give the ship’s cook a kitchen). God also loves to write, and He knows exactly what every story needs. They are both writing their biggest story of all, and the endings are bound to be incredible.

    Children and parents alike will delight in the playful illustrations, imaginative side stories, and the gentle reminder that the image of God is alive in each of us.

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  • Lets Learn About The Forest


    Little ones will have fun using their powers of detection in this seek-and-find board book as they search, match, and learn while helping Mama Chipmunk locate adorable animals and items throughout the forest. Each richly illustrated spread includes interesting facts on God’s woodland creatures that help toddlers discover more about the world around them, providing a fun opportunity to spend time reading and exploring together with your child or an educational way to keep a young one busy as they look for and find objects alone.

    Mama Chipmunk is traveling through the forest, and she needs your child’s help to find food and the animals around her–including her adventurous baby! Let’s Learn About the Forest is a colorful and playful search-and-find activity board book that encourages toddlers and preschoolers to explore the forest and see where all the baby animals are hiding–from the owlet nestled on a tree branch to the fawn curled up and hiding in the grass.

    Let’s Learn About the Forest:

    *Features bright, engaging illustrations, with scenes that appeal to a child’s inquisitive mind
    *Helps children ages 0-4 develop object identification skills while making reading fun
    *Includes unique facts about how God created the featured animal on each page spread
    *Is durable and the perfect size for little hands
    *Is ideal for cozy lap reading and story time with children and grandchildren

    Makes a perfect gift for baby showers, birthdays, Christmas, or Easter

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  • I Can Be Your Friend


    Teach little ones about making and being friends with this VeggieTales board book about all the things that make friends the best.

    The Veggies know it is important to be kind and loving to all. Bob, Larry, Laura, Junior, and the rest of the Veggies learn all about what being a good friend means: being kind, forgiving one another, taking turns, sharing, and laughing together. Children will take away the message that we can be a friend to those we meet, whether we share a lot or very little in common on the surface, and that God is the best friend we can ever have.

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  • What Do I Do With Anger


    Alex is angry. During practice before the big game, his teammate Emma won’t pass him the ball–and then she has the nerve to pass it to Sam! Thankfully, Coach Ryan understands plenty about anger. When Alex reveals his irritation in an unhealthy way, Coach Ryan has biblical tools and wisdom that will help Alex calm his anger and identify the underlying emotion beneath it so he can rejoin the team.

    Psychologists have long labeled anger a “secondary emotion.” It’s there to cover up other negative feelings such sadness, betrayal, and embarrassment. Dr. Josh and Christi Straub want children to understand that being angry is not a bad thing: we can express our anger in healthy ways, and we can use it to help us figure out what we’re struggling with deep down. What Do I Do with Anger? models this approach to anger in a fun and relatable way for children, ages 4-8.

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  • God Rescues : Moses And The Exodus


    God keeps his promises in amazing and often surprising ways. The Bible stories in God Rescues show how God watched over his people and used Moses to save the Israelites from trouble.

    Just as God watched over and rescued his people then, even now we are safe with Jesus. The perfect Passover lamb helps us remember God’s promise to forgive, and he keeps his promise to forgive today through Jesus, the Lamb of God.

    Author Jared Kennedy uses simple words and concepts to help toddlers and preschoolers understand that God takes care of us and always keeps his promises. This beautifully illustrated board book for ages three to five is part of the Beginner’s Gospel Story Book series.

    The preschool-friendly pictures in God Rescues will also help teach about shapes, colors, and counting. Children will be captivated by the bright, modern illustrations and the simple encouraging content will turn their hearts to Jesus.

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  • All The Places We Call Home


    Fall in love with this lyrically written and lushly illustrated exploration of identity and home that celebrates all the people and places who make us who we are.

    “And where shall we go?” Mama asks as she tucks me in.

    “South Africa. Where I was born.” My answer summons Mama’s stories, stories that send us soaring back in time to when I was a baby. Out my window. Down my street. Across water. Across continents.

    “Where do you come from? Where does your family come from?” For many children, the answers to these questions can transform a conversation into a journey around the globe.
    In her first picture book, author Patrice Gopo illuminates how family stories help shape children, help form their identity, and help connect them with the broader world. Her lyrical language, paired with Jenin Mohammed’s richly textured artwork, creates a beautiful, stirring portrait of a child’s deep ties to cultures and communities beyond where she lays her head to sleep.

    Ultimately, this story speaks a truth that all children need to hear: The places we come from are part of us, even if we can’t always be near them. All the Places We Call Home is a quiet triumph that encourages an awakening to our own stories and to the stories of those around us.

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  • Love You SMore


    Embrace the puns in this campy board book about two raccoons who insist they are the one who loves the other “s’more.”

    Love, puns, and s’mores are three of life’s greatest pleasures. In this little board book, two competitive raccoons declare themselves to love the other “s’more.” The fireside banter crackles with puns, and the silly competition heats up until they finally realize that with all that love, everyone wins. Outdoorsy and camping-loving families will love this book, as will anyone looking for a new way to express “s’more” love to someone in their life.

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  • Gods Garden


    God took time to plant us a garden and spread nature’s beauty around

    Inspired by the original poem by Dorothy Frances Gurney, God’s Garden is a fully illustrated picture book featuring a modern retelling that is sure to warm the hearts of new readers. Help your young ones discover all the wonders of God’s creations that can be found in their very own backyard.

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  • Boy From The House Of Bread


    Young Alex keeps hearing about a Man from the House of Bread who has miraculous powers, who heals the sick and walks on water. When Alex finally gets to witness the miracles and meet the Man, his life is forever changed.

    With lyrical rhyme and quirky illustrations, The Boy from the House of Bread shares the story of Jesus’ ministry in a compelling way, through the eyes and voice of an African boy. Walk with Alex through his bustling first-century world as he watches Jesus multiply bread and hears Him tell stories about loaves and call Himself the life-giving Bread. This recurring symbol fascinates both Alex and the reader, leaving children ages 4 to 8 (and the adults who read with them) thinking differently about not only the bread on their plates but the Man who makes miracles happen

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