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  • Dont Look Back


    Hope and help for pastors and congregations who are asking, What now? And What’s next?

    Some pastors and congregations have managed remarkable innovation, creation of new ministries, courageous pruning of old programs, and rediscovery of core Wesleyan convictions in recent years. Others have experienced a long, slow-motion, downward cycle of loss.

    We might be tempted to ‘sit down’ wherever we are, looking back at all that’s happened, shaking our heads in disbelief. But it’s time to stand up, to move forward. Will Willimon shows what that could look like. He spent a year committed to asking questions and careful listening in conversations with clergy, organizational leaders, and parishioners across the U.S. What’s next for Methodist church folk?

    As you read, join in the process of asking and listening. The honesty, wisdom, and inspiration you find here may point you in new directions. What do you think God is up to in the present moment? What should we stop doing and begin doing, responding to God’s call now? What are the biblical texts, stories from our past, and core Wesleyan convictions that might guide us from this point?

    And are we at Good Friday or at Easter?

    As Willimon writes in his Introduction, “Let’s have a decent burial for yesterday’s good intentions and then partner with the Holy Spirit in creating tomorrow’s church.” This is a book to read and reflect on with colleagues, congregants, and Methodist friends.

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  • Book Of Common Prayer Gift Edition


    This deluxe edition of The Book of Common Prayer is a wonderful choice for a gift or for personal use. It features a leather cover, gilded edges, and six satin ribbons. The edition also includes a special feature, with the rubrics and principal feasts and holy days in red text. The Book of Common Prayer is a delightful companion on the journey of faith, with prayers, liturgies, the church calendar, and historical documents. This edition includes the Revised Common Lectionary.

    This is the standard Book of Common Prayer and Administration of the Sacraments and Other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church as well as with The Psalter or Psalms of David according to use in the Episcopal Church in the United States as authorized in 1979 and is approved by the official custodian of the Book of Common Prayer.

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  • People Called Metodistas


    Church renewal always happens from the margins, never from the center. Church renewal burns with fiery passion among the LatinX pueblos and barrios, and this energy in Latin America can be harnessed to reform doctrine, worship, and the core purpose of Methodists. Emil Brunner said that “the church exists by mission as fire exists by burning.” At times, this fire has burned brightly and served as a light to the nations. Sometimes it has been mishandled and caused harm, and still at other times, it seems to dwindle to a few embers. The flame of church renewal burns brightly among many poor and marginalized followers of Christ. The Holy Spirit, like the wind, blows where it will, but some places are windier than others. Social peripheries are particularly windy places. This book tests whether renewal of doctrine, worship, and mission can happen by looking to the experience of Methodists in LatinX and Latin American ecclesial contexts. In true Wesleyan spirit, this renewal does not confine itself to Methodism, but the people called metodistas share in the movement’s fundamental calling to reform the church universal in its mission to the world.

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  • My First Catechism


    Learning the Catechism is a milestone in faith development. We want our children to do more than simply recite the explanations. Our desire is that our children would know, love, and follow the Savior. My First Catechism is a first-step resource to helping parents teach the faith. Organized in the same way as your traditional Luther’s Small Catechism, this colorfully illustrated book is a tool for helping little ones start learning the simple explanations to our doctrine.

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  • Luthers Small Catechism For Kids


    An easy-to-use resource for teaching the faith in a simple way. Colorful icons and illustrations guide children through each tenet of faith as encouraged in Luther’s Small Catechism. Older elementary-aged students will be able to read and study concepts from the 2017 Explanation of the catechism in developmentally appropriate terms and in a way they understand.

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  • Formula Of Concord The Epitome And Solid Declaration


    The Formula of Concord discusses and settles various theological controversies that arose during the Reformation. It provided unity and concord on the solid base of Holy Scripture. This edition includes the editor’s introductions, notes, and woodcuts found inConcordia: The Lutheran Confessions, Second Edition.

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  • What Is Gods Mission In The World And How Do We Join It


    What does God’s mission look like? Who is supposed to carry it out–and how?

    Juan F. Martinez and Jamie Pitts lead us on an inquiry into God’s mission in the world: what it is, what it is not, and who is invited to be part of it. If Jesus is truly God’s mission incarnate, we need to look at what Jesus did and how he did it. Martinez helps readers understand what mission means, why Christians in the past have made missteps, and how we can learn from Christian communities that are spreading the good news of Jesus today. Doing mission in the way of Jesus may look different from what many assume, but it is a call that the church cannot afford to miss.

    The Jesus Way: Small Books of Radical Faith delve into big questions about God’s work in the world. These concise, practical books are deeply rooted in Anabaptist theology. Crafted by a diverse community of internationally renowned scholars, pastors, and practitioners, The Jesus Way series helps readers deepen their faith in Christ and enliven their witness.

    *Accessible Jesus-centered theology from an Anabaptist perspective
    *Designed for use by individual readers, small groups, and Christian education classes
    *Glossary of terms and discussion and reflection questions in each volume

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  • Anglicanism : A Reformed Catholic Tradition


    What is Anglicanism? There are many associations that come to mind. Whether it is the buildings, the unique history, the prayers, or church government, often we emphasize one aspect against others. Is the Anglican church a Protestant church with distinctive characteristics, or a Catholic Church no longer in communion with Rome? In Anglicanism: A Reformed Catholic Tradition, Gerald Bray argues that some theological trajectories are more faithful than others to the nature and history of the Church of England. Readers looking to understand the diversity, nature, and future of Anglicanism will be helped by Bray’s historical examination.

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  • My Lutheran Notebook


    A uniquely Lutheran journal, providing quotes and prompts from the Small and Large Catechisms, Martin Luther’s writings, and select hymn stanzas, for self-reflection and inspiration.

    Ample space on each page allows the user to jot personal thoughts, notes, and reflections. Undated, this journal can be used according to each user’s needs.

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  • History Of The Black Baptist Church


    The history of black people in the United States is a history of challenge and resilience, of suffering and solidarity, of injustice and prophetic resistance. It is a history steeped in the hope and strength that African Americans have derived from their faith in God and from the church that provided safety, community, consolation, and empowerment. In this new volume from pastor and scholar Rev. Dr. Wayne Croft, the history of the black Baptist church unfolds-from its theological roots in the Radical Reformation of Europe and North America, to the hush arbors and praise houses of slavery’s invisible institution, to the evolution of distinctively black denominations. In a wonderfully readable narrative style, the author relates the development of diverse black Baptist associations and conventions, from the eighteenth century through the twentieth century’s civil rights movement. Ideal for clergy and laity alike, the book highlights key leaders, theological concepts, historic events, and social concerns that influenced the growth of what we know today as the diverse black Baptist family of churches.

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  • Catechism Of The Catholic Church


    Includes the 2018 revision of no. 2267 promulgated by Pope Francis!

    Here are the essential elements of our faith presented in the most understandable manner, enabling everyone to read and know what the Church professes, celebrates, lives, and prays.

    This second edition of the Catechism of the Catholic Church has been revised in accordance with the official Latin text promulgated by Pope John Paul II in 1997. It also has been enhanced by the addition of more than 100 pages that feature the following:
    *An analytical index translated from the Latin text
    *A glossary of terms

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  • Humble Calvinism : And If I Know The Five Points, But Have Not Love…


    1. The Problem With Calvinists
    2. Humble Calvinism Is Not An Oxymoron
    3. Point One: Level Ground
    4. Point Two: Love, Regardless
    5. Point Three: Specific Service
    6. Point Four: The Family Business
    7. Point Five: Credit God
    8. We’re Calvinists Best When We Aren’t Calvinists First

    Additional Info
    Humble Calvinism is both a helpful summary of what Calvinism is, and a helpful challenge to those who are convinced Calvinists. It calls us to hold Calvinism in our hearts, not just in our heads, so that we are humble and gracious as well as zealous for the truth, to the praise and glory of Christ and his church.

    Author Jeff Medders admits that he is quick to defend Calvinism, but often slow to humbly love Christians who take a different view. His warm-hearted, challenging (and surprisingly witty) book takes readers through the the five points of Calvinism, revealing that a true understanding has a humbling effect on our hearts, fueling a love of Christ and his people that builds others up, rather than tearing them down.

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  • Joy Project : An Introduction To Calvinism With Study Guide


    True happiness is not found. It finds you.

    We think of our chase for joy as a fundamental right-and it’s no surprise. By nature we are pleasure-seekers, though chronically unsuccessful at finding the type of joy that will endure for more than a passing moment.

    But what if long-lasting joy isn’t found at all? What if the deepest and most durable happiness breaks into our lives, overcomes our boredom, and ultimately finds us? What if true joy is out of our reach, but reaches for us?

    (This updated edition now includes a Study Guide for each chapter.)

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  • Sovereignty Sermons Of Jonathan Edwards


    Though largely associated with the Great Awakening, Jonathan Edwards leaves an amazing legacy as a theologian and preacher. He left a remarkable body of work, including the six sermons featured in this collection on the sovereignty of God: “It was of the sovereign pleasure of God, that he contrived a way to save any of mankind, and gave us Jesus Christ, his only-begotten Son, to be our Redeemer.”

    Sovereignty Sermons of Jonathan Edwards is a fine sampling from this renowned preacher. Each sermon is a brilliant and personal invitation to know God through both our intellect and our affections-compelling us to open our hearts to the sweet love and joy available to us in our life in Christ.

    This collection includes the following six sermons:
    * God Glorified in Man’s Dependence (including Advertisement to the Reader, Respecting the First Sermon)
    * God’s Sovereignty in the Salvation of Men
    * Wicked Men Useful in their Destruction Only
    * A Divine and Supernatural Light
    * Praise, One of the Chief Employments of Heaven
    * A Farewell Sermon (including Edwards’ Preface)

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  • Writings Of The Desert Fathers And Mothers


    In the third, fourth, and fifth centuries, thousands of men and women moved into the deserts of Egypt and Syria seeking a simple way of living. Their sayings about prayer, spiritual disciplines, and living in community spread throughout the Christian world and became the foundation of monasticism. More than ever, people want to grow spiritually. Many want to explore the rich spiritual writings of influential leaders in the history of Christianity. But trying to read classics written centuries ago can be daunting. The Upper Room Spiritual Classics are designed to help by offering readable translations in an accessible format. Each book provides at least 14 excerpts that cover the range of the writer’s spiritual concerns. An insightful, expertly written introduction helps readers understand the writer and his or her world. The Upper Room Spiritual Classics will help both individuals and groups grow in their faith by seeing God through the eyes of remarkable spiritual leaders.

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  • Survey Of Church History Part 4 Study Guide


    As the Protestant church carried the Reformation into the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, it faced numerous challenges from without and from within. Europe was witnessing dramatic changes as the medieval world began to give way to the modern. Having broken with the Roman Catholic Church, Protestants faced the prospect of ever-deepening division among its own members. But despite the numerous threats, the Reformed church pressed forward. In this series, join Dr. W. Robert Godfrey as he surveys the history of the Reformed church in the English-speaking world. You will study the Puritans from England to New England. You will also meet such notable figures as John and Charles Wesley, George Whitefield, and Jonathan Edwards, all of whom played major roles in the First Great Awakening.

    Part 1 A.D. 100-600, Part 2 A.D. 500-1500, Part 3 A.D. 1500-1620, Part 5 A.D. 1800-1900 and Part 6 A.D. 1900-2000, or the complete set, are also available.

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  • Survey Of Church History Part 3 Study Guide


    We live in a world that has been profoundly shaped by events that occurred in the sixteenth century. In addition to landmark developments in economics, government, and culture, this crucial century witnessed a powerful renewal of biblical Christianity. Amid opposition and uncertainty, faithful Christian leaders expressed a passion for the gospel and a commitment to the authority of Scripture that have influenced generations of believers. In this third installment of his journey through church history, Dr. W. Robert Godfrey brings to life the stories of those who dedicated their lives to proclaiming the truth of God’s Word in the Protestant Reformation.

    Part 1 A.D. 100-600, Part 2 A.D. 500-1500, Part 4 A.D. 1600-1800, Part 5 A.D. 1800-1900 and Part 6 A.D. 1900-2000, or the complete set, are also available.

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  • True Stories Of The Miracles Of Azusa Street And Beyond


    The Book of Acts never ended!

    A generation today is asking, Where are all God’s miracles which our fathers told us about? (Judges 6:13).

    From 1960-1966, author Tommy Welchel answered this question, living among the youth of one of the greatest spiritual outpourings ever experienced-the Azusa Street Revival. During this time, Tommy recorded first-hand accounts of the miracles that they had witnessed… and even performed themselves!

    These testimonies have been shared around the world, and the results have been amazing: Miraculous healings, supernatural phenomena, and impossible situations being turned around by a wonder-working God.

    As you read about the miracles that God performed during this great move of His Spirit, your faith will be stirred to:
    *Encourage others that God’s healing power has not passed away
    *Believe for the miraculous in your life
    *Release supernatural breakthrough to people who need a touch from God

    Prepare to experience a fresh outpouring of God’s Spirit… today!

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  • Survey Of Church History Part 2 Study Guide


    As the Roman Empire gradually crumbled in the fifth century AD, the people of the Mediterranean world turned to the church for leadership and direction in a new era of uncertainty. The next thousand years would prove to be a complex experiment in Christian civilization, one in which the church played a pivotal role in the development of Western government, thought, and culture. Join Dr. W. Robert Godfrey as he explores the hopes, challenges, triumphs, and tragedies of Christianity during the Middle Ages.

    Part 1 A.D. 100-600, Part 3 A.D. 1500-1620, Part 4 A.D. 1600-1800, Part 5 A.D. 1800-1900 and Part 6 A.D. 1900-2000, or the complete set, are also available.

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  • Celebrating Mass


    This short board book, with bright, vibrant, and playful illustrations, introduces young children to the Mass. The tabs help children pick out elements in each of the spreads, making this book an interactive experience as well.

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  • Angels Surround Us


    This is part of a new series of books that combines a rattle with a small board book to appeal to God’s littlest ones. The playful illustrations will delight little eyes as they see the parts of the Mass come to life in bright and vivid colors.

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  • Saints Teach Us


    This is part of a new series of books that combines a rattle with a small board book to appeal to God’s littlest ones. The playful illustrations will delight little eyes as they see the parts of the Mass come to life in bright and vivid colors.

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  • 1979 Book Of Common Prayer Economy Edition


    This popular prayer book style now includes both the new Revised Common Lectionary and the classic 1979 Lectionary.

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  • Book Of Common Prayer 1979 Gift Edition


    This gift edition of The Book of Common Prayer by Oxford University Press features a durable imitation leather cover, stained page edges, a ribbon marker, presentation page, and baptismal, confirmation and marriage certificates. It also includes the Revised Common Lectionary.

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  • 1979 Book Of Common Prayer Economy Edition


    This popular prayer book style now includes both the new Revised Common Lectionary and the classic 1979 Lectionary.

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  • New Hiscox Guide For Baptist Churches


    1) The Nature Of The Church
    2) The Membership Of The Church
    3) The Church Ministry
    4) Leaders And Officers In The Church
    5) Christian Worship
    6) Christian Ordinances, Rituals And Ceremonies
    7) The Witness Of The Church
    8) Church Order, Process And Discipline.

    Additional Info
    The New Hiscox Guide for Baptist Churches is in keeping with the author’s desire to supply a text that gives pastors and church leaders the most useable information possible. Goodwin captures the essence of Hiscox’s thought and style while addressing the issues that concern today’s churches.

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  • Systematic Theology


    Twenty respected educators and authors examine the Pentecostal faith while addressing the strengths and weaknesses of various viewpoints. Chapters include: The Holy Trinity, The Saving Work of Christ, The Baptism in the Holy Spirit, Divine Healing, God’s Inspired Word, The One True God, Spiritual Gifts, and other areas.

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  • Baptist Church Manual


    1. Nature Of A CHURCH
    2. Officers Of A CHURCH
    3. Doctrines Of A CHURCH
    4. Ordinances Of A CHURCH
    5. The Government Of A CHURCH
    6. The Discipline Of A CHURCH
    7. Duties Of A CHURCH
    8. Business Meetings Of A CHURCH
    9. Forms Of Minutes, Letters, Etc.
    10. Marriage Ceremony
    11. Province Of Associations And Councils
    12. Baptist Declaration Of FAITH

    178 Pages

    Additional Info
    A look at the nature, officers, doctrines, ordinances, government, discipline, and duties of a Baptist church organization. Includes business meetings, forms, a marriage ceremony, and province of associations and councils.

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  • Church Members Handbook


    “This is a small book (1962) on church membership to place in the hands of members to help them know the meaning of their membership and understand the doctrines and polity of Baptists. Chapters include The Meaning of Church Membership, The Church covenant, Christian Growth, Baptist History, Baptist Doctrine, Baptists and Other Denominations, God’s Plan of Church Finance, and Baptist Churches at Work.”

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  • Baptist Church Manual


    Declaration Of Faith
    1. Of The Scriptures
    2. Of The True God
    3. Of The Fall Of Man
    4. Of The Way Of Salvation
    5. Of Justification
    6. Of The Freeness Of Salvation
    7. Of Grace In Regeneration
    8. Of Repentance And Faith
    9. Of God’s Purpose Of Grace
    10. Of Sanctification
    11. Of The Perseverance Of Saints
    12 Of The Harmony Of The Law And The Gospel
    13. Of A Gospel Church
    14. Of Baptism And The Lord’s Supper
    15. Of The Christian Sabbath
    16. Of Civil Government
    17. Of The Righteous And The Wicked
    18. Of The World To Come
    Church Covenant
    Rules Of Church Order
    Forms Of Church Letters

    Additional Info
    Contains The New Hampshire Declaration of Faith, Suggested Covenant, Rules of Order,and Forms of Church Letters.

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