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  • Looking Unto Jesus


    There is nothing that transforms the human heart like the revelation of the person of Jesus Christ.

    Countless sermons offer strategies for overcoming your past, building unshakable faith, and experiencing breakthrough. But nothing can transform the human heart like the revelation of the person of Jesus Christ.

    In Looking Unto Jesus: 30 Days of Transformation, Steve Foss takes you on a voyage through more than two dozen descriptions of Jesus found in Revelation 1. These depictions unveil “the light of the knowledge of the glory of God [as revealed] in the face of Jesus Christ” (2 Cor. 4:6). Only as you see Jesus as He is will you be able to stand in these days of increasing crisis.

    This book will take you into the deep and intimate knowledge of Jesus’ character, nature, authority, and coming kingdom.

    In this thirty-day journey, you will learn the power and meaning behind why Jesus is called:

    *The faithful witness
    *The firstborn from the dead
    *The Alpha and Omega, and more

    We are living in a time when God is opening His Word like never before and unveiling the greatest revelation of Jesus Christ the world has ever known. Through these thirty days of transformation, as you focus on Jesus and what He is focused on-the end of the age-you will be empowered and transformed from glory to glory.

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  • Secular Sacred Spirit


    The spiritual realm affects everyday life in ways we’ve never imagined!

    This book will revolutionize your understanding of how the spiritual and physical worlds connect with one another so you can strategically live out kingdom purposes in all areas of your life.

    Since Blake Healy was a child, he has seen angels, demons, and other spiritual realities. He sees them with the naked eye as clearly as anything else. In his latest book, he gives readers a peek behind the veil as he shows them how the physical and spiritual realms connect.

    Known for his rich storytelling and vivid descriptions, Healy takes readers on a journey through everyday events-a trip to a grocery store, a family dinner, a busy workday-and helps them see how what is happening in the spirit is affected by the way we live our daily lives. In the end, readers will:

    *Gain a clearer understanding of how the spirit realm operates
    *Understand that their actions have spiritual consequences
    *Learn how the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit can guide them into having a heavenly effect wherever they go.

    See God’s hand in every part of your life!

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  • Apostles And Prophets


    What Are Apostles and Prophets
    and What Is Their Critical Role in an End-Times Church?

    These ministry gifts did not pass away with the last of Jesus’ disciples. Christ gave them to the Church for all time, and they are still alive and well today.

    But what are apostles and prophets? Why is there so much controversy, error, and abuse in the Church concerning these ministry callings?

    In Apostles and Prophets — Their Roles in the Past, Present, and Last-Days Church, Rick Renner defines these ministry offices biblically and historically, tracing their roles from the Early Church all the way to the present. Filled with vivid illustrations that recount Church history as you have perhaps never seen it, this book answers such questions as:

    *What signs accompany true apostles and prophets?
    *What defines false apostles and prophets?
    *Why does Scripture refer to the Church as a vineyard, a body, and a temple?
    *Why you have a priestly ministry to fulfill
    *How apostles and prophets equip you for priestly ministry
    *What is God’s real intention for a last-days Church?

    Are you weary from being tossed around by mind-bending doctrines that leave you weak and disappointed? Would you like to participate in fulfilling God’s masterful plan for the age?

    This book will fortify you with revelation you can build on! It will equip you to better understand and cooperate with the ministry of the apostle and prophet in this critical hour of the last-days Church

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  • Prophetic Pioneering : A Call To Build And Establish Gods New Era Wineskin


    A world plagued with darkness is waiting for a prophetic people to arise, shine and light the way!

    Days of crisis and turmoil demand a people who are plugged into Heaven’s activity. Old operating systems, that built empires in the name of Christianity but created shallow and compromising disciples, are crumbling under the weight of global instability.

    The hour is urgent, dark and late… but the opportunity to be carriers of prophetic solutions has never been greater. Will you take your place as a prophetic pioneer?

    In the midst of a season of great personal challenge and persecution, author, and prophet, Jeremiah Johnson received fresh blueprints and new prophetic strategies.

    “In an open vision, I saw the spirit of Saul (representing insecurity and jealousy) operating through church leaders of old wineskins that is currently attempting to assassinate a new breed of pioneers who are crazy about the presence of Jesus and absolutely love prayer, worship, and the place of encounter. Pioneers of the New Jesus People Movement won’t care who is preaching or leading, so long as God manifests His glory.” – Jeremiah Johnson

    Prophetic Pioneering is a call for you to be part of this radical Jesus People Movement! This is not exclusive to pastors and ministry leaders; the call to see the coming move of God, and build in accordance with the activity of Heaven, is just as relevant in the marketplace as it to the minister.

    Get ready to:

    *Be a part of the New Jesus People Movement,

    *Pick up the Intercession mantle of prayer general, Rees Howells,

    *Discern how prophets, apostles, evangelists, pastors and teachers supernaturally reveal different aspects of Jesus,

    *Become a prophetic reformer who changes culture and makes history, and

    *Catch a glimpse of the unexpected move of God through the “Queen of Sheba Prophecy.”

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  • God Heals : Eight Keys To Defeat Sickness And Receive Divine Healing


    Getting diagnosed with a serious medical condition brings sudden dramatic changes to a person’s life that also affect their family. In the midst of this turmoil, most lose heart from the constant battle.

    Yet the situation is never hopeless with God. It’s not too big, too far gone, or too late for him. With a contagious expectancy, pastor Steve Austin delivers a potent injection of hope into your situation. Through targeted healing prayers, testimonies, Scripture declarations, and more, Steve helps you and your loved ones strengthen and expand your faith, discover the power of your words and praise, pray effectively, and heal your battle-weary souls.

    As long as you have breath in your lungs, God has a purpose for your life. Here are seven proven keys to win the battle for your health and receive divine healing–both physically and spiritually.

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  • Fasting For Miracles


    Sometimes the only way to see breakthrough is through the power of fasting.

    This book will instruct you on the importance of fasting and encourage you to expect the miraculous as you fast.

    Do you believe miracles still exist today? Do you believe you can actually experience a miracle?

    The Bible says some things only happen by prayer and fasting. Fasting for Miracles will take readers step-by-step through the power and discipline of fasting and teach them how to exercise their faith to see uncounted miracles. As they walk through this twenty-one-day journey, readers will gain a biblical understanding of the power of fasting and be stirred to raise their level of expectation and believe God to do the miraculous in their lives.

    Fasting can bring breakthrough that leads to miracles. This book will challenge believers to believe God for more and lead them to experience a deeper encounter with the Holy Spirit.

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  • Unlocking The Mysteries Of The Holy Spirit


    The world is full of mysteries. Many are intrigued by earth’s mysteries — UFO’s, the lost city of Atlantis, the pyramids, the Nebula of Orion, etc. God knows the answer to every mystery. However, as interesting and captivating as these mysteries are, they pale in comparison to the revelation of the deep secrets of God.

    The Holy Spirit may seem a mystery to some people, but God’s desire is for His believers to know and understand the deep things of the Spirit. God has revealed them to us through His Spirit. For the Spirit searches all things, yes, the deep things of God (1 Corinthians 2:10).

    Because of fear or tradition, many have chosen to ignore teachings concerning the Holy Spirit. In this book, Dr. Larry Ollison sets aside religious political-correctness and digs deep into the mysteries of the Holy Spirit.

    Remember the final words of Jesus as He ascended into heaven from earth: “You shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you” (Acts 1:8).

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  • Pray Until : The Secret To Receiving Your Miracle


    Discover the Secret to Receiving Your Miracle

    Your until moment is coming – that victorious moment of breakthrough after your long season of desperate prayer finally pays off! When it seems like the fight is lost, don’t despair–this fight is fixed for you to win!

    Pastor, teacher, and globally recognized worship leader, Judy Jacobs, has drawn a line in the sand, and invites you to join her: I’m reaching for the unreachable; believing for the incredible; expecting to see the impossible; and I’m walking in faith toward my miracle!

    The revelations in the book come from the turmoil and victory of Judy’s personal experiences, which she shares in raw detail. Through her story, paired with powerful Biblical teaching, you will discover:

    *The secret to receiving all that you desire from your Heavenly Father who wants to bless you more than you can hope or imagine.

    *The key hidden inside of you that cannot be released until you hit supernatural desperation.

    *The prayer tenacity it takes to believe God and stay focused on your ‘UNTIL’ breakthrough.

    *How to touch Heaven and unleash the power of God in your life.

    If God is for you, who can be against you? How long do you pray when you have a promise from God? You pray… until!

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  • Glory Miracles : Creating Atmospheres For The Power Of God To Flow


    Miracles, signs, and wonders can be part of your everyday life!

    When you study the life and ministry of Jesus, it becomes quickly evident that miracles are central to the Gospel. They are, in fact, the supernatural power of God unto salvation!

    As a follower of Jesus, you have been anointed and commissioned to move in the same kind of miraculous power as Him! Whether you are a teacher, doctor, lawyer, government official, pastor, or a homemaker; as a child of God, it is your inheritance to live in supernatural healing and bring it to those who need it! In Glory Miracles, author and healing evangelist, Miriam Evans shows you how.

    By creating atmospheres that welcome God’s glory, you can personally heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out demons, and operate in the miraculous. You don’t need a minister, church, or special healing evangelist to do this! This is God’s will for you.

    In this book, Miriam shows you how to…

    *Create atmospheres where miracles happen quickly, easily, even accidentally
    *Lay claim to the inheritance of miracle power that the healing revivalists of old walked in
    *Walk in miracles as an everyday part of your life, not just as unique occurrences
    *Demonstrate the Gospel supernaturally through signs, wonders and miracles
    *Take risks that put you in line to receive and release miracle breakthroughs

    Filled with sound Scriptural teaching and compelling testimonies from modern-day miracles and healing revivalists of old, Glory Miracles will provoke you to enter new realms of Holy Spirit demonstration and encounter!

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  • His Blood Speaks


    Guaranteeing the Devil’s Defeat!

    Unseen forces and hindrances–fear, failure, sickness, trauma, guilt, and more often try to stand in your way. These destructive enemies play keep-away with God’s best for your life.

    Is there a way to permanently overcome? Yes! The Blood of Jesus!

    In His Blood Speaks, a powerful 31-day devotional, Ginger Ziegler points out that your victory is in the voice of Jesus’ Blood. When Cain killed is brother, Abel, his blood spoke from the ground, crying vengeance. But even today, Jesus’ Blood speaks from heaven, crying forgiveness and mercy.

    As you digest this devotional’s mini-teachings on a daily basis, the Blood of Jesus will silence your accuser, crying in your behalf:

    *freedom instead of bondage righteousness instead of unrighteousness
    *exoneration instead of condemnation
    *health instead of sickness
    *prosperity instead of poverty
    *acceptance instead of rejection and everything else you will ever need . . . now and throughout eternity!

    The Blood of Jesus is your major weapon to live victoriously. It’s a change agent that guarantees and enforces the devil’s defeat. Start right now living your life in the freedom Jesus’ Blood purchased for you!

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  • Grace And Forgiveness


    Forgiveness is the Key for Healing and Personal Revival

    If you’ve been frustrated by fruitless prayers for healing, greater supernatural encounters, or corporate revival, you may be experiencing a serious spiritual blockage: unforgiveness.

    Scripture is clear – clinging to unforgiveness will inhibit your full experience of salvation and grant Satan access to your life. Conversely, releasing forgiveness unleashes a flood of divine healing, personal freedom, supernatural encounters, and revival!

    John and Carol Arnott, leaders of the Toronto Blessing and pioneers of Catch the Fire Ministries, have witnessed this truth time and again in their many years of supernatural ministry. Here, they present their classic, best selling work to a new generation. Grace and Forgiveness resounds as a clarion call in a culture filled with opportunities for offense and bitterness.

    In this short, power-packed book, the Arnotts help you discover forgiveness as the key for revival!

    Learn how to…

    *Identify demonic claims over your life due to unforgiveness
    *Be liberated from the prison of unforgiveness
    *Find true justice in the hands of God
    *Receive supernatural healing by letting go of offense
    *Break open doors in the spirit realm by releasing forgiveness
    *Receive supernatural empowerment to forgive

    Discover the magnitude of God’s love, and experience the supernatural power of grace!

    Featuring powerful, guided prayers for breaking judgment and releasing forgiveness!

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  • Releasing Miracles : How To Walk In The Supernatural Power Of God


    Many Christians are deeply dissatisfied with the effectiveness of their prayer lives. Countless more have settled for sporadic answers to prayer. But what if it were possible to live a life of answered prayer marked by miracles and victory?

    In this practical, eye-opening book, you will discover the biblical foundation for experiencing the miraculous power of God every day. You’ll gain greater confidence in God, learn the power of hope and perseverance, and overcome a theology of unworthiness to break free from the guilt, shame, and intimidation that sabotage your faith.

    Miracles are your spiritual inheritance, and God wants you to be his supernatural hands and feet here on earth. The Holy Spirit is waiting to partner with you to see his love and kingdom flourish in your life–and change the lives of those around you.

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  • 10 Prophetic Values For Today


    This is a pivotal time in the Body of Christ concerning prophecy and hearing God’s voice. Over the last few years, credibility issues have arisen within the prophetic movement. People are disillusioned, frustrated, and unsure who to trust. Yet God is still speaking–clearer than ever before. But are we listening?

    Full of hope and practical insights, this book is a clarion call to all believers to lean in and pursue hearing God again. You will learn how to tune out the noise of the world and get back the basics of how to hear God clearly and correctly. You were created to hear and know his voice. Here is what you need to rediscover how to hear him with accuracy–and help restore integrity and trust in the only Voice that speaks peace in these troubled, unprecedented times.

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  • Essential Guide To The Prophetic


    Bestselling author and leading prophetic voice Cindy Jacobs is known for her penetrating and accurate words. Now this trusted, proven prophet is sharing what she’s learned in her decades of frontline ministry experience. Laying out a biblical examination of the gift of prophecy, she gives you a clear picture of what prophecy is and how it works.

    Full of practical information and hands-on training, this book is an essential tool that will teach you both the protocols and the pitfalls of this spiritual gift, how to hear God’s words correctly and accurately, and how to use your prophetic voice with wisdom, maturity, and love. You will come away challenged, changed, and ready to become a powerful, life-giving conduit of God’s transforming love.

    Material also contained in The Voice of God.

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  • Prayers And Decrees That Activate Angel Armies


    Activate Heaven’s angel armies to move on your behalf!

    When you decree and declare what the Bible says, the angels of God are activated to perform the works and wonders of the Lord on your behalf.

    In this powerful book, Dr. Tim Sheets draws inspiration from his bestselling Angel Armies series to offer Spirit-empowered decrees that bring Heaven to earth. You will be equipped to speak words that mobilize the Heavenly hosts to accomplish God’s victorious plan for your life.

    As you use these prayers and declarations, your words will release the power to:

    *Cut off the strategies of hell and bring transformation and deliverance to entire regions
    *War victoriously in the spirit realm as angels give assistance and provide protection
    *Mobilize the hosts of Heaven to unlock miracles, signs and wonders
    *Plant the Heavens with words, decrees and prayers that release biblical results
    *Unlock the Third Great Awakening

    Multitudes of angels have been waiting for you to release them on assignment with bold, Scripture-saturated decrees. Open your mouth, speak God’s Word, and watch the angel armies bring Kingdom transformation to your world!

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  • Exposing Prophetic Witchcraft


    In Jennifer LeClaire’s bestselling book, Discerning Prophetic Witchcraft, you learned how to identify false prophecies and spiritual manipulation.

    Now, it’s time to go on the offense. It’s time to expose these prophetic wolves in sheep’s clothing before they sabotage your destiny.

    False prophets are arising at an alarming rate in these last days, as Jesus told us they would. Too often, believers are deceived and their lives ruined by prophetic witchcraft–messages and messengers that sound spiritually appealing but are actually destructive weapons of the devil.

    Only when prophetic witchcraft is exposed, can we resist it and help others avoid satan’s snares.

    In Exposing Prophetic Witchcraft, author and seasoned spiritual warfare leader Jennifer LeClaire offers sound instruction on how to further shine light on the mixture and deception that are prevalent in the Church today.

    Through her personal life experiences and helping others navigate these difficult lessons of discerning and exposing false prophets and manipulators, Jennifer teaches you to expose:

    *13 Symptoms of prophetic witchcraft alignments.

    *Counterfeit Christs and Elijahs claiming to be prophetic voices.

    *False Dreams, Visions, and Angelic Encounters that sound spiritual, but are actually evil.

    *Scripture-Twisting and Manipulation where false prophets use the Bible to advance their own carnal agendas or heretical theology.

    *17 Signs That You May be Under a Witchcraft Attack.

    *6 Ways to Recognize a Demonic Night-Attack through nightmares, sleep paralysis, and other sleep-related spiritual maladies.

    *How and when to confront prophetic manipulators.

    Jennifer’s insightful teaching will instruct and challenge you to connect with the Lord on a deeper level, and help you recognize and expose the works of darkness!

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  • Breaking Hells Economy


    Thriving in God’s Supernatural Economy

    There’s a war being fought over you! The Kingdom of God offers you divine provision while the Kingdom of Hell fights for territory in your life as a crisis looms on the world’s horizon.

    Will you break free of Hell’s economy? International prophet and Bible teacher Joseph Z say it’s urgent to break free now as we rapidly plunge into global difficulties involving worldwide market collapse, bank closures, a digital one-world currency, power grids failing, cyber war, medical deception, natural catastrophes, and unprecedented international conflict.

    In Breaking Hell’s Economy, Joseph makes it clear that we’re at a destination in history that requires a revelation of God’s supernatural economy–your ultimate defense against rising darkness. Arm yourself with revelation empowering you to…

    *Operate in God’s last days economy
    *Understand the ultimate end-time wealth transfer
    *Engage the 30-,60-, 100-fold return to break Hell’s yoke off your life
    *Discover your ultimate secret weapon: the wealth of Jesus
    *Debunk religious myths about Jesus and wealth
    *Release the same miracle power of a widow’s jar, desert manna, coin in a fish’s mouth, food multiplication, and floating ax heads. God is ready to do it all again for you!

    Lay hold of this revelation, defy Hell, and live your life knowing you are destined to thrive in the last days!

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  • Realms Of Power


    Experience deeper and greater realms of God’s power than you ever knew were possible!

    Are you living a powerful life? Do you long for miracles, healings, and prophecy to be part of your everyday experience? Have you encountered a mighty touch from God that’s left you wanting more?

    Good news! There is more! The Holy Spirit has opened up dimensions of supernatural power for your every need, just waiting to be unlocked!

    Robert Hotchkin reminds us that the Gospel of the Kingdom is a Gospel of power – a power the world desperately needs. Robert walks through Scripture, demonstrating that God’s plan has always been for His people to bring Heaven to Earth by operating in His power and authority.

    Broken down into revelatory, easy-to-read chapters – including practical steps for releasing new expressions of God’s power in your everyday life – Realms of Power will open your eyes to the dimensions of supernatural power that are meant to be a normal part of your life. These include:
    *Power to Shift Atmospheres
    *Power in the Name of Jesus
    *Power in Communion
    *Power of Decrees
    *Power to Prophesy
    *Power to Heal
    *Power to Create Wealth
    *Power to Cast Out Demons
    *Power of Honor
    *Power of Love
    … and more!

    It’s time to uncover your true identity as a power-filled, born-again believer in Jesus Christ. It’s time to walk with a resolute understanding of the true power at work within you, so you can overcome any obstacle and move every mountain!

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  • Your Divine Invitation


    After years of discontent, feeling a lack of the Holy Spirit’s power and believing for healings and miracles, Frankie Mazzapica was fighting insomnia one night when he decided to look for a book that would put him to sleep.

    He downloaded Power from on High: What It Is and How to Obtain It by Charles Finney for his e-book reader. However, rather than sleeping, he stayed up and kept reading until he finished the book early the next morning.

    Frankie says Finney’s book made him realize that “power from on high” is something that God wants for every believer. He decided to write Your Divine Invitation: Access the Holy Spirit to Complete Your Assignment to help Christians everywhere discover that power.

    “The belief that only a small few are selected to receive supernatural power is a fallacy. God knows that before we have anything to offer, we must have His power,” Frankie says. “We have the same assignment the disciples did. If they needed power then, we need power now.”

    Frankie’s mission statement is, “I live to walk with the Lord and share His love and His power.”

    His conviction is that Jesus’ three-year ministry, where teaching and miracles attracted seekers and built disciples, is the model for today’s church. Believers should not rest until the same power displayed in the life of the Lord’s disciples is present in their lives.

    Your Divine Invitation includes practical steps every believer can take to position themselves to receive God’s promised endowment of power.

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  • Revival If : Igniting Your Passion For Personal Renewal And National Reviva


    Could it be that God is giving us one last opportunity to allow His Spirit to be poured out upon the earth before the return of Jesus?

    This book will stir you to fan the flames of revival in your own heart so you can partner with the Holy Spirit and fellow believers to see a sweeping move of God transform America and the world.

    Are we living in the last days? Is it possible that God is getting ready to pour out His Spirit on the earth one last time before Jesus returns?

    In Revival…IF, best-selling author Rod Parsley gives readers a road map for cultivating renewal in their own hearts and minds and for participating in spiritual revival on a national scale. Drawing from over forty years of experience with revival personally and in ministry, Parsley:

    *Clarifies what revival is and what it is not
    *Explains the difference between revival and awakening
    *Includes historical accounts and current perspectives on various revivals

    While the methods of revival may change, the message remains the same. This book shares timeless, biblical truths that will empower believers to seize the moment and experience true, lasting revival and personal renewal.

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  • Awaken Your Call


    Not all intercessors are prophets; however, prophets are called to intercede.

    The daily readings of this book will give you the encouragement you need to move forward in your prophetic gift despite any troubles that may come your way. You will have the bravery and the boldness to shine in my God given gift.

    *Is something stirring inside of you, waiting to be called out, trained, and activated?
    *Are you waiting to use your gift to hear God’s voice and deliver His message?

    In Awaken Your Call, best-selling author John Eckhardt provides thirty days of encouragement and activation as he focuses on the characteristics of prophets and intercessors and their role in our culture and the church. Prophets who have been silenced, misunderstood, mistreated, and even persecuted are being touched by heaven.

    It’s time to restore these watchmen and strengthen them to endure. Discover fresh insights that encourage you in your prophetic gift no matter how difficult the journey becomes. Arise and shine. Your light has come, and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you.

    Likewise, the Spirit helps us in our weaknesses, for we do not know what to pray for as we ought, but the Spirit Himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words. He who searches the hearts knows what the mind of the Spirit is, because He intercedes for saints according to the will of God. (MEV – Romans 8:26-27)

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  • Miracles By The Moment


    Are you tapping into the miracles that God promised you?

    This book will change my perspective of God to see that no matter what the enemy or the world throws at me, He has given me thousands of promises to overcome these obstacles.

    For forty-five years, Larry and Tiz Huch have been teaching believers how to access the promises God has given in His Word. They have shared keys for activating, receiving, and releasing miracles, and taught principles of faith and prayer to help believers reach God’s great destiny for their lives.

    But in the last three years, the Huchs have gained an even deeper revelation of how to overcome the enemy’s attacks and access God’s promises as they walked through two life-altering traumas–and two life-altering victories. Both Tiz Huch and the Huchs’ seven-month-old grandson, Lion, were diagnosed with aggressive forms of cancer and faced grim prognoses. But God had the last word!

    In Miracles by the Moment, pastors Larry and Tiz Huch share their journey through one of the most challenging seasons of their lives and how they walked out, moment by moment, the foundational principles of prayer and faith they’ve lived by and taught for years. Drawing lessons from the Huchs’ journey as well as others who walked through different circumstances, this book offers hope and encouragement for those facing various types of challenges–in their families, marriages, finances, careers, or health.

    Sometimes breakthrough comes in the form of one giant miracle. More often, it comes in the form of thousands of small miracles that add up to huge breakthroughs! We don’t have to beg God to help and bless us. He already has! This book will teach readers what God promises us and the steps they can take to enter into those promises.

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  • Divine Dispatch : Discover, Develop And Deploy Your Kingdom Assignment


    Only you can do what He sent you to do.

    Throughout the Bible, God sent people like Joseph, Deborah, David, Jesus and Paul to accomplish His purposes on the earth. You, too, were born with a divine and distinct assignment to make a difference. Yet most of us have trouble recognizing what that actually is–let alone living it out day-to-day.

    Filled with practical insights and tangible takeaways, this book will help you discern how the Lord has uniquely equipped you–and for what purpose. You’ll also learn how to master and maximize your gifts and discover how to joyfully carry out His call on your life each and every day.

    You were created to become a force of change in the lives of others–to reform, transform, ignite hope, solve problems, and bring healing and deliverance. It’s time to find and fulfill the reason you are here.

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  • Overflow : Walking In The Power Of The Holy Spirit


    Overflow exhibits “the raw passion of someone sold out to God.”

    Perhaps you wonder what that feels like. Tired of lackluster faith and empty prayers? Does your Christianity feel like a religion more than a relationship? Do you have a deep belief in Jesus, yet can’t seem to feel his presence and power?

    Evangelist Donna Sparks shares with you exactly what it takes to overflow with the love, peace, and joy of the Christian faith while seeing miraculous answers to prayer!

    The solution is walking in the power of the Holy Spirit.

    Donna answers the questions you may have asked about the Holy Spirit as she teaches from the Word of God and relates her own experiences ministering in prisons. Even better, she shares personal accounts written by prisoners who have been saved and baptized in the Holy Spirit. Come learn how they have found that joy and excitement of Christianity.

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  • Shift : Repositioning God’s People For Revival


    There’s a SHIFT coming to the Body of Christ, to America, the world . . . and to your life. The Church in many corridors has become prevalent, but not powerful. We are recognized behind our four walls, but not much outside of them. As the culture drifts from biblical values, it is time to shift to eternal perspectives. It’s time for a shift . . . it’s time for REVIVAL.

    In Shift, Ron McIntosh has captured the principles, presence, power, and perspective that make up revival. This is a book that will prepare you for the current and coming move of the Spirit.

    This book answers the questions about revival that makes it well worth reading. But if offers so much more… it answers the question we should be asking. What is beyond revival?

    Mario Murillo Author, Vessels of Fire and Glory

    Shift will cause readers to prayerfully consider everything we have embraced packaged as “modern Christianity” and measure it next to the surefire standard of Scripture and the template of Pentecost. Larry Sparks Author, Pentecostal Fire Publisher, Destiny Image

    Shift explains, in the simplest terms, one of the most important mysteries for the person who truly desires to see and know God as He is.

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  • Receiving Mantles From The Courts Of Heaven


    Take up the mantle and fulfill the assignment you were destined for!

    He also took up the mantle of Elijah that had fallen from him… (II Kings 2:13)

    Throughout history, God has anointed the unqualified, empowered the weak, and chosen the least likely to change the world. The individual’s ability is not what makes them powerful; they are empowered by the assignment–the mantle–they receive from Heaven. When these anointed people die, their mantles are left behind, waiting to be taken up by other Christians.

    Using Elijah and Elisha as prophetic examples, bestselling author Robert Henderson takes you a step further into the Courts of Heaven, revealing how spiritual mantles are reserved for the body of Christ, waiting to be accessed, received, and stewarded for supernatural results.

    Are you ready to access Heaven’s supernatural resources to fulfill your destiny?

    You will discover:

    *6 Secrets to receiving mantles from the Courts of Heaven

    *How to recognize when mantles are being released from Heaven and how to access them

    *Understand corporate mantles meant to be received by the entire body of Christ because of the passing of key leaders or shifts in times and seasons

    *Activate generational mantles that bring blessing to your family and future

    *The power of impartation and how you can Biblically stir up anointings and spiritual gifts

    The God of Elijah wants to mantle you with His power, and flow through you to change the world!

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  • Triumph Of Beauty


    This last year exposed the anger and fear of the world. It also exposed the trajectory of humankind away from God, against his Church, and into increasing darkness–with the darkest hours still ahead. But the Lord has an unexpected answer for the rise of ugliness and violence.

    Here International House of Prayer leader David Sliker gives believers hope for the times to come. God’s merciful answer to the world’s rage is a beautiful, unified Church, one that counters anger with kindness and mercy, loves its enemies, and overcomes bitterness and offense. David also shows how we can lay hold of the Lord’s beauty via revelation and transformation. When we do, we will love like he loves. We will endure without despair. We will display his works. We will boldly, tenderly, and lovingly stand for his truth. And we will rise up as his Bride, whose beauty eclipses the darkness.

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  • Supernatural Power Of Jesus Blood


    This prophetic revelation of the life giving Blood of Jesus is critical in these precarious end time days!

    “And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death” (Revelation 12:11).

    As believers in Christ, we are not immune to trouble. Challenges in areas like health, finances, jobs, and relationships come against us all. But Scripture shows us keys to our tremendous victory through Jesus’ shed Blood!

    Connecting both Old and New Testament principles, Hank Kunneman vividly highlights the prophetic revelation of Jesus’ shed Blood and its overcoming power.

    The Supernatural Power of Jesus’ Blood will encourage you in:

    *Understanding what is rightfully yours as a believer
    *Remembering God’s faithfulness
    *Declaring your Covenant promises
    *Pleading the Blood of Jesus over yourself and your loved ones

    Grab onto these prophetic truths and walk in the victory Jesus has provided through His shed Blood!

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  • Kings Signet Ring


    Through biblical insights and powerful revelations, spiritual leaders Chuck D. Pierce and Alemu Beeftu unpack the symbol of the signet ring and what it means for you today as they reveal how God’s power works through his covenant to clarify your identity in Christ and begin to operate in the authority of the kingdom. In The King’s Signet Ring you will:

    – discover a greater revelation of God’s covenant and his promises for you
    – experience greater manifestation of God’s presence in your personal relationship with him – enjoy his magnificent blessings for you
    – confidently walk in the authority of the kingdom

    Unlocking the powerful truths in this book will cause you to become part of bringing kingdom change to earth.

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  • Power Prophecy : Release Miracles Through The Power Of Prophecy


    Are you in need of a miracle? Do you want to operate in the miraculous to see others healed, delivered, and transformed? If so, then this is the book for you!

    There are key elements of the prophetic that create a supernatural environment in which miracles become normal. But many believers do not realize the vital connection between these gifts of the Holy Spirit. In Power Prophecy, Naim Collins uses Old and New Testament examples, as well as firsthand experiences, to show that the prophetic and miracles go hand-in-hand.

    In Power Prophecy you will:

    *Discover the miraculous dimensions of the prophetic
    *Explore the connection between prophecy and miracles through Biblical history
    *Be activated in the prophetic to release signs and wonders
    *Create atmospheres and environments for the miraculous to occur
    *Discover prophetic prayers that open heavenly doors for deliverance

    Supernatural ministry and prophetic declaration are gifts available to every believer, including you! It’s time to cast aside doubt and fear, and begin to prophetically release God’s miraculous glory into the world around you!

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  • Revival Breakthrough : Preparing For Seasons Of Glory, Awakening, And Great


    A Powerful Supernatural Journey

    Revival Breakthrough: Preparing for Seasons of Glory, Awakening, and Great Harves t takes you on a powerful supernatural journey that will lead to an unprecedented outpouring of God’s Spirit.

    The times of deep darkness we are facing on earth today are a backdrop for a great saturation of God’s light and an imminent display of His glory. We are seeing the beginnings of the spiritual fulfillment of the biblical Feast of Trumpets and the Feast of Ingathering. We are headed into seasons, not just days, of unprecedented shaking and unprecedented revival running side by side.

    Best-selling author James Goll highlights moves of the Holy Spirit in both Scripture and church history that teach us significant lessons for today. He also provides abundant scriptural references regarding the significance of prayer, the prophetic, and God’s presence for Holy Spirit outpouring. And he presents choice prophetic words from “generals” in the body of Christ regarding the coming great harvest.

    The next move of God will produce the greatest harvest in the history of the church. God is giving us new wineskins that can receive the new wine of His Spirit. Many believers who formerly walked with the Lord will be restored to the Father’s house, and multitudes who never knew Him will be welcomed into His kingdom.

    We can partner with the Holy Spirit to create an opening for God’s presence, revival, and harvest in this world. Then the Spirit and the bride will cry out in complete unity, “Come, Lord Jesus!”

    Let’s believe big! Let’s prepare for God’s glory to be restored to His church and the world.

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  • RevivalMakers : Stop Chasing A Move Of God – And Be One


    Be the Move of God You Have Been Praying For!

    Perhaps one of the great hindrances to the next great awakening is that many believers are consumed by the spiritual-sounding concept of waiting on God to move. This waiting entails fervent prayer, organized events, and much discussion. While prayer is desperately needed and events may be catalysts for God’s work, could it be that we are waiting for something that God has already released?

    The Holy Spirit has already been poured out, but what are we doing with His presence?

    Evangelist and revivalist Tony Suarez believes that wherever a Spirit-filled believer goes, a move of God should break out. Why? Because the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Revival, is within you. This is walking in your revival identity!

    As you understand and apply this teaching, you will…

    *Shift atmospheres through the power of the Holy Spirit living in you
    *Take authority over the powers of darkness in a person or a place
    *Saturate your home, workplace, or school with the presence of God
    *Enter into your revival identity where you become the move of God you’ve been waiting and praying for

    It’s time to be the move of God that you have been praying for. Revival is here! It’s time to step into the move of God!

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  • Armed For Victory


    Are you struggling to overcome the spiritual enemies that are coming against you?

    You may be using the wrong weaponry.

    God is opening His armory and releasing weapons of warfare that haven’t been seen in generations. The enemy is using these perilous end times to cause many believers to become worn out, depressed, and defeated because they are unwittingly using the wrong weapons in battle.

    It’s time to get equipped with the right weapons.

    In Armed for Victory, Pastor and author Alan DiDio brings revelation about spiritual warfare tactics that will empower and activate you for victory. Don’t live one more day in deception, denial, or defeat. It’s time to overcome!

    Unlock Heaven’s armory, and get equipped with supernatural weapons for victory.

    *Utilize subtlety in the battle against the spiritual deep state
    *Open portals for military provisions to be transferred through prayer
    *Unlock the mystery of warfare prayer
    *Access your Prophetic Intelligence Briefing
    *Discover the Prophecy of Goliath’s Sword
    *Repurpose enemy technology as weapons to advance Gods’ kingdom

    You were born to win, and you have access to the intelligence, tools, and strategies that guarantee your victory. Learn these principles, use the right weapons, and secure victory in every battle!

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  • Daily Decrees For Kids


    Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” – Matthew 19:14

    Children don’t have a junior Holy Spirit, nor are they secondary members of the Kingdom of God. They, too, have been given the right to be called Kings and Priests and their words carry authority in the spiritual realm.

    Brenda Kunneman is a bestselling author and dynamic prophetic voice who has equipped believers around the world to boldly decree Heaven’s victory over every area of their lives. Now, she is equipping children with powerful, Bible-based, prophetic declarations that they can read and declare themselves!

    These decrees are specifically designed to train children to operate in their Heavenly authority, empowering them to engage the Kingdom that Jesus declared belongs to them!
    Daily Decrees for Kids contains declarations of:
    *Health and safety for themselves and those around them.
    *Alignment with their destiny.
    *Provision and abundance for their family.
    *Releasing angels to watch over them.

    As kids begin to boldly speak God’s word, the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead releases Heavenly power to see Kingdom decrees carried out! It’s time for kids to decree God’s Word over their lives!

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  • Gateway To A Supernatural Life


    An Experience That Transforms You and Lifts You into Partnership with God

    Many people are curious about the baptism in the Holy Spirit but are confused or cautious about what it involves. They ask themselves the following: “Is the baptism in the Holy Spirit really necessary for believers?” “Is it available to everyone?” “Is it as relevant today as it was in Bible times?”

    Written in an accessible style and incorporating a solid biblical foundation, this book clearly shows how to receive the ministry of the Holy Spirit, whom God has sent to help, guide, and empower you. The baptism in the Holy Spirit is truly the gateway to a supernatural life! Author Jeff Leake addresses these essential questions and more:

    *What is the baptism in the Holy Spirit?
    *What is the real purpose of speaking in tongues?
    *Can every believer see supernatural answers to prayer?
    *How does the Holy Spirit heal people from hurt, loss, and feelings of inadequacy?
    *Can the Holy Spirit help overcome addictive patterns?

    The baptism in the Holy Spirit is an experience that transforms you and lifts you into partnership with God. Through this book, you will come to grips with the supernatural potential of the Holy Spirit in your life. Read it with a hunger to see God do all that He wants to do through you!

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  • Spirit Of Prophecy


    A Supernatural Tool for End-Time Revival

    You are living in the last of the last days–a season where God is pouring out His Spirit upon believers, empowering them to walk in the greatest flood of prophetic power the earth has ever seen and usher in the end-time harvest. Are you prepared?

    Annette Capps–author, ordained minister, and daughter of well-known author and teacher, Charles Capps–invites you, the believer, into the realm of the prophetic flow of the Spirit so you can take your place in the coming revival.

    In The Spirit of Prophecy, Annette shares her own supernatural experiences and encounters with the Holy Spirit and His gifts. She offers unique insight into the seemingly contradictory prophecies being given today and in the past. Also included are prophecies delivered by Charles Capps that are still speaking power and revelation to the body of Christ.

    Subjects you will learn about are…

    *How you can flow in the gifts of the Spirit
    *Shaking the devil’s kingdom
    *Reaching beyond to the Millennium
    *Sound frequencies that open prophetic winds
    *Prophecy in prayer, preaching, and music
    *Kings, prophets, and nations
    *Women in ministry
    *Counterfeit miracles

    Rise up! It’s time to get equipped with prophetic revival tools!

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  • Lessons From A Wandering Prophet



    What happens when God’s plans and your prophetic journey intersect?

    This book will help me grow in my prophetic gifts so that I can discover the plans that God has for me and move forward in my purpose.

    God has a plan and a future for each of us, but many people don’t know what that plan is, and if they do, they don’t know how to walk in it. Hubie Synn knows the feeling. Step by step, one adventure at a time, Synn has been discovering and growing in the prophetic gift God has given him–a gift that has taken him before celebrities, politicians, and power brokers, and even around the world.

    In Lessons From a Wandering Prophet, Synn shares the highs and lows he has experienced in ministry to teach principles of prophetic ministry:

    – How to discern when God is speaking
    – How to step out to say what God has given you to say
    – How to grow in the prophetic
    – What to do when a prophecy is not well-received
    – How to let go and let God lead you

    This book will inspire readers to receive with open hands and hearts the prophetic gifts God has given them, discover the plans God has for them, and walk fully in their calling.

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  • Night Vision : Making Sense Of Supernatural Dream Encounters


    While you sleep, the Holy Spirit is still speaking!

    What did that blue tree mean in your dream last night? Was it because of the pizza you had for dinner, or was God speaking to you?

    Many believers really want to understand their dreams but aren’t sure where to start. In Night Vision, Dr. Charles Fox lays a solid foundation by offering the biblical basis for dreams and then shares his own personal journey of actual dream encounters and their interpretations. Practical advice, common dream symbols, and prayers of activation into greater night-encounters with the Lord remind the reader to stay grounded in the Word of God.

    Night Vision will teach you how to:

    *Interpret your own dreams
    *Recognize God’s instruction, warning, and encouragement in the night seasons
    *Respond to what God is speaking to you
    *Discern the counterfeit dreams
    *Interpret others’ dreams

    There are heavenly encounters waiting for you when your head hits the pillow! Sharpen your “night vision” and begin communicating and fellowshipping with the Lord on a whole new level. Receive Dr. Fox’s wisdom and an impartation for more revelatory encounters in your dreams!

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  • Turnaround Decrees : Disrupt The Enemy’s Plans And Shift Your Circumstance


    Interrupt the plans of darkness and shift circumstances to align with God’s will!

    In our culture, the powers of darkness have been working overtime to turn a generation away from God, discipling society in wickedness, destroying families, ravaging finances, afflicting bodies, and obstructing the advance of God’s people.

    The only solution is a supernatural turnaround. The good news is that you serve the God of the Turnaround!

    In response to a radically unexpected prophetic word, prayer leaders Jon and Jolene Hamill have launched a turnaround movement to see supernatural breakthroughs take place. In this powerful new book they equip you with prayers, decrees and activations that will render turnaround verdicts from Heaven on your behalf.

    Turnaround Decrees will empower you to:

    *Prophesy divine destiny over your children and the next generation
    *Push through the limitations preventing you from advancing in your assignment
    *See instant healings and deliverances become normative
    *Pray against the assaults of the enemy upon your nation, government and leaders
    *Invoke your rights to the Covenant of Peace
    *Speak powerful decrees that issue a Writ of Assistance in the spirit realm

    The destiny of generations are at stake… but you are the turnaround catalyst! Speak these powerful declarations over every impossibility, and watch as the God of the Turnaround brings supernatural breakthrough!

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  • Dominion : Your Role In Bringing Heaven To Earth


    Every sphere of society is crying out for Kingdom transformation!

    Sadly, poor teaching and great misunderstanding have led many Christians to reject any notion of so-called “dominion theology” This has left the dominion mandate that Jesus imparted to all believers woefully unfulfilled.

    Dr. C. Peter Wagner understood that the reformation of society was never intended to come through man’s ideas and agendas; it could only be achieved through bold, empowered believers, intentional about reforming their culture through Kingdom principles and vision.

    The strategic keys and revelation Dr. Wagner presents in Dominion! are perhaps more relevant today than when he first penned them. A collection of the original book release and its revised edition, this new edition of Dominion! features Dr. Wagner’s helpful perspective on theocracy and the tragic misunderstanding of dominion theology.
    Discover vital keys to exercising authority over the powers of darkness and advancing the Kingdom of God through teachings on:

    *Entering the Second Apostolic age and the move of God that is presently upon us

    *Becoming the Church in the Workplace… by releasing Heaven’s influence and solutions into the marketplace

    *Embracing the practice of spiritual warfare… by encouraging believers to exercise Jesus’ authority over darkness

    *Anticipating the prophesied great transfer of wealth… and its role in shaping culture

    We stand in a pivotal hour of history where there is both tremendous need and opportunity for the Church to bring powerful reformation to all spheres of society. This is the hour to step into your authority and release God’s glory into every segment of your society. This is the hour for transformation!

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  • End Times In Chronological Order Workbook


    An Approachable Guide that Answers Your Questions About the End Times

    From Bible prophecy expert Ron Rhodes comes this companion workbook to The End Times in Chronological Order. As you dive deeper in this study, you’ll grow confident in your knowledge of the days to come while exploring unique insights on the many incredible prophecies found in God’s Word.

    Each chapter unpacks a major end-times event, from the rapture, to the tribulation, to the millennial kingdom, and beyond. All through this workbook, you’ll find fresh perspectives you can carry with you as you approach parts of the Bible that can be hard to understand. While you read, thoughtful questions will invite you to reflect on how understanding Bible prophecy impacts your everyday life.

    The prophetic passages of Scripture provide an abundance of insights about God, His character, and how we can connect with Him. The End Times in Chronological Order Workbook is a meaningful, accessible way to witness how prophecy illuminates the heart of your heavenly Father.

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  • Unstoppable : Pressing Through Fear, Offense, And Negative Opinions To Fulf


    You Can’t Stop Now!

    In her book UNSTOPPABLE, Denise Renner brings fresh insight from God’s Word on how we can overcome key hindrances that the enemy exploits to try to prevent our God-given gifts and talents from being used to bless others.

    *fear of man
    *other people’s negative opinions
    *even our own poor opinion of ourselves!

    No one else can take your place; your part is absolutely crucial to God’s plan. So don’t let anyone or anything stop you from doing what Jesus wants you to do or from receiving what He wants you to receive. This book will help you be unstoppable as you push past every obstacle you are facing and keep pressing toward the glorious prize that awaits you in Christ Jesus!

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  • Lets Go Deeper



    The only thing holding back the spread of the gospel is the church.

    This book will teach me how to go deeper in my relationship with God so that I may become a more fully developed disciple of Jesus to help bring the gospel to the world around me.

    The Bible tells us there is one true God who sits on the throne of the universe. He is the Creator of everything, and He is worthy of all the praise and honor of the world’s people. Because He is our Creator and the Sustainer of life, He has the right to rule over us and expect obedience.

    In Let’s Go Deeper, J. Lee Grady shares how by revealing Himself to Moses, God demonstrated His true desire to be with us. Even though He is almighty, enthroned in the glory of heaven, He makes Himself accessible and available to those who love Him.

    Join in the journey of discipleship with this practical guide of thirty short and powerful lessons to take you deeper in your relationship with God. This resource will transform your Christian faith and act as a tool kit for those who are new to Christianity. Following Jesus and coming to know your Creator doesn’t have to be difficult; you just have to be willing to take the first step toward Him.

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  • Key To Answered Prayer


    Have you ever wondered what prayers always move God into action?

    This book will guide you to pray biblically founded prayers so that you can have a meaningful relationship with God, fix your heart on His plan and purposes, and experience answers to your prayers.

    In the beginning there was no need for answered prayer. God placed Adam and Eve in the center of a bountiful garden, gave them dominion over His creation, and walked with them in the cool of the day. They had no hunger, no sorrow, no disease–it was a paradise on earth. The relationship God first established with humanity was one of unhindered communication and companionship. He was enough. We needed no answers other than Him. He was our Father, Friend, and Provider.

    Today, despite all our knowledge and understanding, we live on a planet full of the hunger, sorrow, and disease that were absent so long ago. How did we get to this point? Where is the God of the Bible in the midst of all this loneliness and pain? Why do our prayers often seem to go unanswered?

    In The Key to Answered Prayer, Rabbi Kirt A. Schneider takes readers on a journey through the Scriptures to discover the heart of key prayers in the Old and New Testaments. Examining prayers of safety, provision, deliverance, vindication, forgiveness, thanksgiving, and more, this book reveals why there are certain prayers God always answers.

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  • Heaven Here : Experience God’s Glory This Side Of Eternity


    “…GOD IS NOT FAR FROM EACH OF US!” – Apostle Paul (Acts 17:27)

    Pastor Josh Adkins was born into a renown Christian evangelist family. Yet throughout his life, he often found himself feeling burned out, disappointed, and distant from God–until a personal encounter with the Holy Spirit changed everything!

    In his candid, often humorous style, Josh reveals through Scriptural teaching and over 50 miraculous testimonies how near God really is, how His kingdom is already breaking into the earth, and how Jesus desires all believers to daily engage with Heaven!

    In Heaven Here, you will:

    *Learn how to stop working for God, and instead start working with Him
    *Discover the keys to becoming one of Jesus’ closest friends.
    *Better recognize the Holy Spirit’s voice and variety of ways He speaks
    *Uncover secrets to daily hosting the manifest Presence of God
    *Walk in greater authority and power to heal the sick and cast out devils
    *See that nothing is impossible in God’s glory realm, even in this life

    The veil between Heaven and earth has been torn and you are invited to participate with God in demonstrating His miraculous kingdom to the earth. It’s time to discover how close heaven really is!

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  • Pentecostal Fire : Your Supernatural Inheritance


    The Holy Spirit is reintroducing the church to Pentecostal Fire!

    When many consider modern Christianity, they rightly wonder how we have come so far from the dynamic, supernatural community pictured in the Book of Acts. God did not change between then and now. What happened? Could it be that, in our quest to be relevant, entertaining, hip and appealing to modern culture, we have lowered the standard for the Christian life?

    We need a true revival that restores Christianity to the standard found in Acts Chapter 2.

    That standard is Pentecostal Fire!

    Minister, revival teacher, and publisher, Larry Sparks, received a life-changing encounter with the Holy Spirit that revealed how Acts Chapter 2–and specifically the Day of Pentecost–is a blueprint for Jesus-followers of all eras, ages, and generations to walk in the revival fire of the Holy Spirit’s presence.

    In these pages, you will discover:

    *The Supernatural Priorities of Pentecost
    *The Bible Secret that Unlocks Pentecostal Power
    *7 Prophetic Alarm Clocks that Announce What Time it Is in the Spirit
    *How to Pray like Awakening is knocking at the door

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  • Double Anointing : Lessons To Be Learned From Elisha



    God uses people as they are and will let history determine one’s legacy.

    This book will guide me through the challenges and blessings of receiving God’s anointing so that I can use greater wisdom and discernment of how to properly use a double portion of anointing.

    Next to Moses, Elijah was the greatest prophet of the Old Testament. But he was so human–so much so that James said he was “just like us” (Jas. 5:17). One day he challenged the prophets of Baal on Mount Carmel and fire fell from heaven. The next day he was running from Jezebel, scared to death. Toward the end of his ministry Elijah selected an unknown person–Elisha–with no obvious qualifications to succeed him.

    Elijah was Elisha’s mentor, but they were different. Elijah was colorful; Elisha was by comparison colorless. But God’s hand was equally on Elisha as with Elijah. In a short period of time Elisha put a bold request to Elijah, asking for a double portion of his spirit. It was granted. But how was this manifested? That is what this book is about.

    The anointing can be manifested in more than one way; we must all discover our anointing and live within it (Rom. 12:3). Elisha’s double anointing was partly in quantity rather than quality. Elijah performed something like seven miracles; some of Elisha’s miracles overlap with Elijah’s. But the total of Elisha’s miracles comes to at least fourteen, including raising the dead, as Elijah did.

    These things said, the two men were different in personality. Elijah ended brilliantly. Elisha ended not only as a lackluster successor to Elijah but in personal disappointment. This is a reminder that not all saintly Christians end their pilgrimage with sensational testimonies.

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  • Do Not Leave Quietly


    You were raised up for this moment to speak on behalf of Heaven.

    The battle is raging. Two realms are seeking to influence the natural world – light or darkness. There is no middle ground. Depending on how you participate and show up in life, either Heaven or Hell will advance its agenda into the Earth. The invisible world, by and large, does not simply manifest its objectives and agendas. It seeks a person and requires a voice.

    The choice is yours: will you be a voice for Heaven to advance in the Earth… or an idle endorser of Hell’s agenda to steal, kill and destroy?

    Mario Murillo is a bestselling author, popular blogger, and minister of the Gospel. He has been an evangelist for nearly 50 years. As culture has changed, Murillo’s message has remained fixed and steadfast. As culture shifts again, God is looking to raise up an army of prophetic people whose voices have impact and actually shape the direction of their nations.

    Do Not Leave Quietly is a prophetic call to action for every single reader to:
    *To fulfill your destiny, live with purpose and feel significant.
    *Give your life and voice to speaking what the Spirit of God is saying.
    *Activating the key to seeing signs and wonders flow.
    *Discover the secret to prophesying with power and holy thunder.
    *Enter the doorway to releasing deliverance.

    It’s time for the people of God to break the silence. It’s time for those who carry the Word of God to boldly speak forth in love and truth. You were born to be a voice of breakthrough!

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  • Prophetic Integrity : Aligning Our Words With God’s Word


    What happens when prophets are wrong?

    In 2020, many Christians claiming to be prophets said that God told them that Donald Trump would be re-elected as president, which did not happen. What happens when prophets get it wrong? Are there consequences for misleading God’s people?

    In recent years, gross misjudgments among Charismatic Christians claiming to speak for God and moral failures within Evangelicalism have resulted in a crisis of belief. In Prophetic Integrity, bestselling author and speaker, R.T. Kendall gives a warning to those speaking in God’s name and offers a way forward in trusting God despite the failures of the church.

    *Personal accounts of visions and supernatural experiences
    *Good, bad, and ugly examples of modern-day prophecy
    *Seven levels of prophetic gifting
    *Examples of false teachings within open theism
    *Relevant Bible verses and meaningful quotes
    *Thought-provoking questions
    *A call for honesty, vulnerability, and repentance

    Prophetic Integrity is a book for those who believe that God still speaks today but have serious questions about those within the church that identify as prophets.

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  • Punch First : A 21-Day COMBAT Guide To Playing Spiritual Offense


    This 21-day guide will give readers spiritual confidence and tools to detangle their thoughts and actions from an unbiblical strategy, and in truth, advance powerfully against the Enemy’s plans to disrupt their lives.

    In this journal companion to Throw the First Punch: Defeating the Enemy Hell-Bent on Your Destruction, Beth Guckenberger offers a 21-day guide to fighting the Devil through COMBAT:
    C: Confess your sins
    O: Observe which tactic
    M: Measure the impact
    B: Believe the Bible
    A: Aim your fist
    T: Throw the first punch

    With exercises and worksheets to unpack the intersection of our daily lives with the spiritual realm, this proven system provides a strategy to take control and advance God’s kingdom against the Enemy’s plans.

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