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Marvin McMickle

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  • Be My Witness


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    Be My Witness
    Be My Witness
    The Great Commission for Preachers
    By Rev. Dr. Marvin A. McMickle
    Format: Paperback
    Book Code: J242
    Pages: 192
    Size: 5″ x 8″
    ISBN: 9780817017729
    PubDate: 2016
    Publisher: JUDSON PRESS

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    Best-selling author, veteran pastor and professor, and now president of Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School, Rev. Dr. Marvin McMickle returns to his passion for preaching in this new book, which explores the Great Commission as recorded in Acts 1:6-8, “Be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in Judea, and in Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”

    Be My Witness offers a unique approach to the preaching task and suggests a way for preachers today to declare the gospel with relevance to the many issues and challenges society faces. McMickle explores the implications of what it means to be a witness for Jesus and considers a three-fold understanding of the word witness:

    Seeing something
    Saying something
    Suffering something

    Suggesting this passage be heard by preachers as a combination ordination charge, pastoral installation message, and seminary commencement address, McMickle develops a twenty-first century theology of preaching that encompasses both content and context for delivering the gospel message. Specifically, he explores the preacher’s need to wait for the Spirit’s power, to be Christ’s witness in the world, and to widen the scope of ministry-to the ends of the earth.

    Key features:

    Provides an exegetical examination of Jesus’ words in Acts 1:6-8
    Promotes sermon content that is faithful and attentive to justice, and the people and problems within a minister’s particular local church and community

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  • Deacons In Todays Black Baptist Church


    What does it mean to be a deacon in today’s black Baptist church?

    Respected author and pastor Rev. Dr. Marvin McMickle explores the scriptural basis and historical context for the deacon ministry in the black Baptist church, and addresses the practical issues related to this ministry today:

    What personal qualities should a candidate for deacon possess?
    What does the ministry of deacons entail?
    What relationship should exist between the pastor and deacons?
    What about training, term of service (if any), and women deacons?
    Models of contemporary deacon ministry, illustrated by case studies, provide a twenty-first century look at this first century ministry.

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  • Star Book On Preaching


    In the classic tradition of the #1, best-selling Star Book for Ministers, Judson Press offers a resource with a special focus on preaching. Starting with a biblical basis for preaching, McMickle discusses the “heart and habits” of a preacher-emphasizing the importance of time management regarding health, head, heart, and home.

    Without an emphasis toward any denomination and practical in its nature, the guide offers:

    keys to an effective preaching ministry, including goals and outcomes of preaching
    text and topic selection
    information on various types of sermons
    a look at different preaching styles such as narrative and first-person preaching
    suggestions for sermon preparation
    ideas for several sermon series
    a full list of preaching resources to use as references
    Featured are over a dozen sermon outlines on various topics. These outlines address developing key points and direction, provide suggestions for an introduction and closing, and give tips for determining style and delivery. Destined to become a new classic, The Star Book on Preaching is a portable resource no preacher should be without.

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