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  • 801 Questions Kid Ask About God


    1. From Beginning To End
    2. God’s Word
    3. Prayer
    4. Heaven And Angels
    5. Right And Wrong
    6. Money Matters
    7. Friends And School
    8. Our World

    429 Pages

    Additional Info
    Kids ask the most amazing questions about God.

    Are the streets in heaven real gold or just painted with gold?

    Do we still have to thank God if we don’t like the food?

    How does God get the money that I give to Him?

    No need to be caught off guard by challenging questions like these. You can arm yourself with answers your kids need before they grow up!

    You’ll find answers to 801 questions real children have asked about such matters as:

    * God
    * The Bible
    * Prayer
    * Heaven And Angels
    * Right And Wrong
    * Money
    * Friends And School
    * Our World

    With each question, you’ll also find a key verse from the Bible. Notes to parents are sprinkled in, helping you offer your children the biblical guidance they need.

    You’ll be amzeed at this comprhensive collection of the biblical answers to questions children ask. This guide provides an excellent reference tool for every home!

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