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Larry Sparks

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  • Pentecostal Fire : Your Supernatural Inheritance


    The Holy Spirit is reintroducing the church to Pentecostal Fire!

    When many consider modern Christianity, they rightly wonder how we have come so far from the dynamic, supernatural community pictured in the Book of Acts. God did not change between then and now. What happened? Could it be that, in our quest to be relevant, entertaining, hip and appealing to modern culture, we have lowered the standard for the Christian life?

    We need a true revival that restores Christianity to the standard found in Acts Chapter 2.

    That standard is Pentecostal Fire!

    Minister, revival teacher, and publisher, Larry Sparks, received a life-changing encounter with the Holy Spirit that revealed how Acts Chapter 2–and specifically the Day of Pentecost–is a blueprint for Jesus-followers of all eras, ages, and generations to walk in the revival fire of the Holy Spirit’s presence.

    In these pages, you will discover:

    *The Supernatural Priorities of Pentecost
    *The Bible Secret that Unlocks Pentecostal Power
    *7 Prophetic Alarm Clocks that Announce What Time it Is in the Spirit
    *How to Pray like Awakening is knocking at the door

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  • Prophetic Words For 2020


    These prophetic words are an invitation to partner with Heaven!

    God reveals His plans to His servants, the prophets, calling His people to co-create the future with Him. Prophetic words are meant to ignite action!

    In this timely work, seasoned prophets join with emerging prophetic leaders to offer…
    *Heaven’s perspective on the coming days
    *Specific prayer strategies to partner with these prophetic words
    *Revelatory insight on how to see personal, corporate and global prophecies come to fulfillment

    God speaks prophetically so that we can hear, pray and act. Partner with Him today to shape history!

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  • Glory Has Come


    Christmas is a supernatural invitation to divine encounter!

    More than gifts and celebrations, even beyond Bethlehem, the shepherds, and wise men, Christmas is about Heaven coming to Earth in the person of Jesus!

    This unique advent devotional pulls back the veil on the wonder of the incarnation! Featuring contributions from bestselling authors and Spirit-empowered teachers, each of these 25 daily entries leading up to Christmas is a unique revelation of the glory that was released by Jesus’ birth!

    Contributors include: Bill Johnson, Kris Vallotton, Randy Clark, Heidi Baker, Robert Henderson, John Arnott, Lana Vawser, Ana Werner, Lance Wallnau, Kevin Zadai, and more!

    Prepare for an Advent journey unlike any other! Discover how;
    *the Christmas season can be a special time of visitation and encounter with God.
    *Jesus’ incarnation connected Heaven and Earth in a supernatural way.
    *”Glory in the highest” releases favor, blessing and power on Earth.
    *angels and angelic activity accompany the glory of God.
    *to experience God’s glory every season of the year.

    Encounter Jesus in powerful new ways and experience the fullness of the glory that Christmas made possible!

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