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Kevin Sorbo

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  • Before The Wrath


    Bible scholars continue to debate the timing of the Rapture, but why is such a mysterious event prophesied to happen in the first place? Is there a deeper understanding surrounding this occurrence that we’ve lost over the millennia that those living in the first-century clearly understood? Newly rediscovered ancient anthropological evidence from the time of Christ finally reveals unprecedented findings that could prove the upcoming Rapture is not only real to a skeptical world but sheds new light on how and why this event must take place. Regardless of your Tribulation Period views, Before the Wrath will captivate believers and non-believers alike; revealing new depths of theological understanding regarding what Jesus revealed to the ancient Galileans about the end of the world in ways you could never have imagined.

    These findings resulted from 10-years of research in Israel by leading ancient anthropological scholars which rediscovered lost Middle-Eastern views regarding how and why the biblical “catching away” was prophesied to occur. While everyone has been debating “when” this event is to happen, we’ve forgotten to ask “why” it does, and the answer could be the greatest theological discovery of our time. To fully present the impact this genuine eye-opening discovery has on the world, award winning documentary writer and director Brent Miller Jr, reproduces what Jesus Christ Himself unveiled to the ancient Galileans regarding the end of the world through emotional and beautiful cinematic reenactments with over 60 actors and extras on a Hollywood set.

    Narrated by Kevin Sorbo (God’s Not Dead, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys), this eschatological docudrama features the following experts:

    *Jack Hibbs – Theologist and Host of ‘Real Life’ on SiriusXM
    *Amir Tsarfati – Founder and President of Behold Israel
    *Jan Markell – Founder of Olive Tree Ministries
    *JD Farag – Theologist and Eschatologist
    *Scott McConnell – Executive Director of LifeWay Research
    *Jay McCarl – Ancient Middle Eastern Anthropologist
    *Lizette Dillinger – Qualitative Director at LifeWay Research.

    Closed captioned. Approx. 84 minutes.

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  • Share The Light


    Make a Difference in Your World!

    Jesus spoke in parables–stories to teach truths with profound meaning. Good stories can move us and affect our thoughts. Thoughts compel action, and actions change the world.

    After the success of the theatrical release of their movie Let There Be Light, Sam and Kevin Sorbo now present a devotional follow-up that takes a deeper dive into themes from the movie, including family, fatherhood, atheism, faith, forgiveness, grief, and redemption. Share the Light combines references to the movie’s story, Scriptures, devotions, questions for reflection and discussion, and forty challenges that inspire action to change the world for the better.

    When we serve others, give our time and resources, and invest emotionally in the welfare of others, we are profoundly affected–improved, even. Serving others is the greatest thing we can do for ourselves. As we begin to re-imagine our place in God’s creation, we gain perspective that often makes our own troubles pale in comparison. We all possess strengths we may not realize until they are needed. Hear the call to make a difference and share God’s light.

    You can change the world, for one person or for many, and be transformed yourself as well!

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