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Kent Sanders

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  • Faith Of Elvis


    Behind the glamour and the crowds. Beyond the movies and the records.

    Apart from all who knew him, wanted to know him, or just wanted to be near him.

    Billy Stanley knew Elvis Presley as a brother–and as a man of deep faith.

    From the day Billy Stanley arrived at Graceland and received a bear hug from the King of Rock and Roll to the last conversation they ever had, one thing stayed the same: Elvis’s passion for sharing God’s love with as many people he could.

    In The Faith of Elvis, Billy illuminates Elvis’s Christian journey–from the notes Elvis made in his beloved Bible to his struggles with sin as his fame increased to his remarkable generosity toward fans and movie stars alike.

    Through this first-hand account, you will find:

    *touching family stories of the Elvis that pop culture doesn’t know;

    *a keen look into how Elvis intricately wove his faith into every part of his life;

    *insights into the ups-and-downs the four brothers experienced while at home and on the road together; and

    *examples of Elvis’s profound influence on others–from those closest to him to his cherished fans and, ultimately, the world at large.

    Here you will find your own faith strengthened and your heart turned more toward heaven–or as Elvis would say, toward the only true King.

    Includes a photo insert and discussion and reflection questions for group or individual use.

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