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Kathryn Kuhlman

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  • Kathryn Kuhlman Miracle Box Set


    The Kathryn Kuhlman Miracle Box Set is a captivating collection of 3 truly heart-warming essentials that will rejuvenate your faith; giving you a sense of hope that you may have never felt before. The three wonderful books are titled ‘I Believe in Miracles’, ‘Nothing Is Impossible with God’ and ‘God Can Do It Again’. This collection of books allows you to experience the magnificent power of Kathryn’s miracle services. Through the power of God Kathryn helped to heal people all over the world in what seemed hopeless situations, inspiring readers to believe that you too can be healed by the almighty power of God.

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  • Twilight And Dawn


    1. Throbbing Pain
    2. O God, Don’t Let Them Hear Me Cry
    3. A Rare Type Of Bone Cancer
    4. Cobalt Treatments
    5. When God Speaks, He Does Not Go Back On His Word
    6. The Holy Spirit Was There
    7. I’ve Been Healed Of Bone Cancer!
    8. The Beginning Of A New Life
    9. You Are Indeed A Miracle! P. 75

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    TWILIGHT AND DAWN: The Great Physician’s Second Opinion

    The story of Gwen Lanning, a woman from Oregon who contracted an aggressive and cruel type of bone cancer. God heard the prayers of hundreds of people, and Gwen’s cancer-riddled body was miraculously restored; not a trace of the dreadful disease remained. A great faith-builder, this dramatic book is an excellent evangelistic tool and gift item for those in need of its message.

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  • Heart To Heart


    From Kathryn Kuhlman’s heart to yours, eleven messages to stir you and encourage you. For many years, Kathryn Kuhlman spoke over the radio to millions of listeners, opening her heart to them and sharing her experiences to help them learn the ways of God, of Christ, of the Holy Spirit. She shared the good times and the bad times, and thousands of listeners wrote to her and told her how much their experiences were like hers and how much her talks helped them. Out of the many talks she gave, we have chosen eleven of her best and most helpful – talks filled with her steadfast belief that “no Christian ever needs to be defeated.”

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  • God Can Do It Again


    1. Miracles Do Happen: A Reporter’s Account
    2. God Always Answers Little Girl’s Prayers
    3. Ours Not To Reason Why
    4. Canadian Sunrise
    5. From Russia To Love
    6. The Man With Two Canes
    7. Things Are Different Now
    8. When The Bough Breaks
    9. It Could Happen To Your Daughter
    10. A Doctor’s Quest
    11. An Invalid The Rest Of My Life
    12. Portrait In Ebony
    13. Things Money Cannot Buy
    14. A Clown Laughs Again
    15. Be Careful How You Pray
    16. Cold Turkey
    17. Medically Incurable
    18. “Comrade” With Christ
    19. Look Everyone, I’m Walking

    Afterword: Those Who Are Not Healed P. 273

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    The newly-reprinted classic by the most extraordinarily anointed woman of her time. Each chapter contains another person’s story. Each of these ordinary people, having nowhere left to turn, experienced the willingness of God to touch them right where they stood! Read these amazing testimonies wrought by God’s extraordinary servant, and know that GOD CAN DO IT AGAIN-FOR YOU!

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  • Nothing Is Impossible With God


    20 Chapters

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    Through this book, you will experience the explosive power and excitement of the miracle services, and you will find hope to meet your needs. God is a specialist when it comes to the impossible, and He is able to do anything but fail!

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  • I Believe In Miracles


    Through incredible testimonies, Kathryn Kuhlman continues to demonstrate God’s compassion and awesome power, as she did throughout her life. Discover for yourself the keys to New Life and Victory through the miracle-working ministry of one of God’s great servants.

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