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Karla Dornacher

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  • Discovering Good News In John


    Welcome to Your Interactive Journey Through John!

    Whether you’re a new or longtime believer, you’ll gain a wealth of wisdom when you study the Gospels! In Discovering Good News in John, authors Pam Farrel, Jean E. Jones, and Karla Dornacher encourage you to revisit the story of Jesus’s life–and be transformed along the way.

    This 10-week Bible guide illuminates John’s unique account of Jesus’s mission, ministry, and resurrection, calling you to pause and ponder each verse. You’ll be uplifted by:

    *fresh insights into the incredible book of John
    *enlightening contexts, including the culture, celebrations, and community of Jesus’s era
    *new applications from the Good News for your daily life
    *motivating devotions followed by affirmational prayers
    *creative coloring pages featuring hope-filled, worship-inspiring Bible verses

    Immerse your heart, mind, and soul in the life-giving truths of this Gospel! This new installment in the Discovering the Bible series will give you brand-new eyes that let you savor and cherish each detail John reveals about Jesus’s time on earth.

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  • Discovering Joy In Philippians


    Share the Joy

    The creators of Discovering Hope in the Psalms are excited to share another treasure in God’s Word–the joy of Philippians. If difficult days have ever left you discouraged, this interactive 11-week journey will help you engage creatively with God’s Word and establish habits that lead to greater joy and peace. Refresh your delight in the Lord through:

    Daily Lessons to dive deeper into the unity and peace of Scripture

    Choosing Joy Devotions to inspire hope even in difficult times

    Creative Connections to express your heart and faith in new ways

    ..”.that your joy may be complete.” John 15:11

    This unique discovery book includes ideas for group studies, verse-inspired artwork to color, fascinating details about the Bible, and online connections and communities so you can build up your joy and build up others!

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  • Heart Of A Teacher


    Give the gift of encouragement with this thoughtful Gift Book designed exclusively for teachers. Teachers are the ones working behind the scenes, helping to build up the future generations. Often times, teachers give selflessly without looking for anything in return. Bless the teacher in your life with this thoughtful gift book. Designed for the teacher who has steady faith in the Lord, this Gift Book has encouraging scriptures and thoughts to meditate and reflect on.

    The Heart of a Teacher combines Karla Dornacher’s special sentiments for teachers with exquisite artwork. A thoughtful gift, this Gift book will bring joy to teachers everywhere. From Sunday school teachers to mentors, professors and anyone in between, this Gift Book will enlighten and encourage daily!

    Padded Front Cover?
    Foiled Title?
    Full-color Insides?

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  • Be Still And Know 20 Cards To Color


    “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” Psalm 46:10

    Grab your set of colored pencils, gel pens or markers and relax with this stunning set of coloring cards. Use these cards for anti-stress therapy and biblical inspiration. This collection of coloring cards is composed of inspirational Scripture verses and beautiful designs by Karla Dornacher to bring your creativity to life.

    The booklet includes exquisitely designed coloring cards, one side for coloring and the back side for a personal message. This set of 20 cards is printed on heavy cardstock. Each card is easy to tear out and perfect to give as a greeting to someone special.

    Size: 4 3/4″ (W) x 6 1/2″ (H)
    Color one side and write a personal message on the back
    Postcard-size book with 20 tear-out cards
    Heavy Cardstock

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  • Discovering Hope In The Psalms


    This Isn’t Your Average Bible Study

    Explore God’s Word on a deeper level and engage with his truth in fresh ways! This study on select psalms of hope invites you beneath the surface to discover the incredible design and purpose of this inspired Hebrew poetry.

    Perfect for group discussion or personal reflection, Discovering Hope in the Psalms offers valuable teachings, motivating devotions, and a multitude of creative options for interacting with the 10 psalms covered-including beautiful artwork to color. These psalms will show you how to…
    *recall the Lord’s lavish care when you are in need
    *rejoice in God’s mercy when you confess your sins
    *recognize God’s goodness when life seems unfair
    *respond with hope-filled prayer when troubles abound
    *return with thanksgiving when God answers your prayers

    Immerse your mind, heart, and soul in the hope flowing through the Psalms.

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