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Jonathan Evans

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  • Stories From The Storyteller


    Based on the animated series, Stories from the Storyteller for Kids features modern retellings of many of Jesus’s parables, teaching young people important biblical truths through fun family adventures.    The parables of Jesus contain rich spiritual lessons for all believers, but many can be challenging for kids to grasp. Stories from the Storyteller for Kids follows the Evans family as they encounter real-world scenarios that serve as teachable moments for children. Each chapter puts a contemporary spin on a different parable, capturing the interests of young readers (ages 8-12) with colorful illustrations, kid-friendly language and humor, and relatable stories about everyday life. This storybook is ideal for family reading or for young people to enjoy on their own. As kids absorb the lessons being taught through these entertaining modern-day parables, they will gain a deeper understanding of Jesus and how we are to live according to His Word.            

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  • Fighting Your Battles


    Today’s Struggles Build Tomorrow’s Strength

    In life’s difficult moments, we each must resist the temptation to surrender to the challenges before us. We find refuge when we remember that the God we serve fights our battles alongside us–and when we feel we can’t carry on, we can take heart knowing that it’s through times of turmoil that God is equipping us to grow and draw closer to Him.
    In Fighting Your Battles, author, speaker, and former NFL fullback Jonathan Evans will show how you can face every hardship with strength and hope, confident that God never lets your experiences go to waste. You’ll understand what it means to:

    *see the “giants” you are facing from God’s point of view
    *relinquish self-reliance and depend completely on God
    *progress toward the purpose you were created to fulfill

    This is the book you want in your hand when you’re in situations you can’t manage alone, asking questions you could never answer on your own. Fighting Your Battles will give you biblical encouragement, support, and perspective, empowering you to follow God into victory.

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  • Fighting Your Battles Workbook (Workbook)


    Your Victory Starts with the Battle

    Dive deeper into Jonathan Evans’s Fighting Your Battles DVD series with this helpful companion workbook. As you engage with well-known battles from the Bible, you’ll gain a soul-deep understanding of what it means to remain spiritually triumphant no matter what hardships you face.

    This Scripture-focused six-week journey will help you surrender your struggles, desires, and fears to God and lead you to approach challenges in reliance on His power rather than your own sufficiency. As you read, you will:
    *discover biblical encouragement, hope, and wisdom for everyday living
    *rejoice in the incredible ways God continually works to give you what’s best
    *celebrate the praiseworthy examples of spiritual strength demonstrated in the

    Being on God’s side means you’re always on the winning team! The Fighting Your Battles Workbook will help you grow in your daily approach to faith as you find victory in every circumstance.

    Also Available:
    Fighting Your Battles
    Fighting Your Battles DVD

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  • Your Time Is Now Devotional


    At some point, you have to understand your own calling and significance in the kingdom of God. How does God want to use you? Jonathan Evans uses the Old Testament leader Joshua as a model for stepping up to God’s big call on your life. Before Joshua, Moses was the one who had spoken to God, performed miracles, and stood up to Pharaoh. But now Joshua had to come out to the front. So what did he do? How did he step up? And what steps can you take to seize now for yourself?

    This 90-day devotional will inspire both men and women to step up into all God’s calling them to do. Push aside fear and complacency in order to become something more, leading to change in your relationships, work, communities, and world.

    Now is your time. If you will be steadfast and unmovable, and always abound in what God is calling you to do, you’ll see that it will not be in vain. He has a plan, a destiny for your life.

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  • Kingdom Family Devotional


    This new devotional from Dr. Tony Evans and his son Jonathan Evans will provide both single and married parents with a resource tool to maximize those family devotional times, such as the dinner hour or bedtime. The family virtues-based devotional provides 52 separate topics, one for each week of the year, and five devotionals within each topic that will guide devotional times Monday through Friday. This is a wonderful way to build a spiritually strong family week by week, day after day-a perfect way to head into the weekend. Topics range from the basics of the faith-such as salvation, spiritual warfare, prayer, forgiveness, and discipleship-to essentials of living as followers of Christ: money, prayer, family, friends, and priorities. The subject matter is simplified so even young children can grasp important concepts. This is a perfect resource for busy families.

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