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Jerry Hagee

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  • Who Did You Say That I Am


    In John 8:32 Jesus said, “And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” Then why, do I have doubts about my salvation? What is truth? What does free mean? How can I know for sure that I have salvation? One cannot be free without salvation!

    No wonder that many have doubts about salvation. Jesus despised the religious traditions of mankind. He called those who were chained with religion’s traditions, hypocrites. He quoted Isaiah’s prophecy in Matt 15:9, “But in vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men.” In Vain? With no purpose? Jesus was saying, you worship in folly. He was saying to the religious leaders with their man-made rules and to their followers, you shall in no case enter into the “Kingdom of Heaven”.

    What is your litmus test to obtain salvation? Have you wondered about the rules and laws that you follow? What do the leaders of your religion demand of you? This book is filled with answers and with freedom. Not from my mere writings, but with clarity from the Holy Spirit emblazoned in the Holy Bible.

    The litmus test as a boy growing up in a church was if you did not smoke, drink, cuss, dance, be with girls, play with cards, gamble, play pool, go to bars, break any of the 10 commandments, miss church service; you might go to heaven. I think, I pretty much flunked. Non the less, that was preached from the pulpit.

    You will see gratitude for dedicated people who have unbelievable IQ’s in science, but you will find that even some truly great intellects fail to see a need for God. The Living God relationship is needed by every living human which does include all of the Intellects and those of us with less evolution.

    Included are a few of the personal happenings of my life that are clearly Spiritual. This book reveals only a few of God’s actual involvements in spite of my fleeting fellowship with Him. The mathematical probability of each is prodigious.

    Why do people say that “God loves us”? If you read carefully, the answer is clear. The definition of grace will be understandable. Faith is explored. Is faith really necessary? How does one know if they have faith?

    Do you think you are saved and yet you still sin, occasionally? For some us, maybe more than occasionally. If you do, comfort may be near.

    But most importantly, we are going to die. What, then? The book sometimes may have, some troubling details. Our soul will meet up with our new body and this information is more than sp

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