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Grace Valentine

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  • To The Girl Looking For More


    In this 90-day devotional for young women, Grace Valentine encourages you to stop settling for the world’s image of post-worthy perfection and live for more: more joy, more peace, and more meaning.

    Grace has felt the pressure of our culture’s conflicting messages about girls and God, from the picture-perfect “good Christian girl” that toxic culture touts or the God who treats women like sidekicks or after-thoughts. For any girl tired of the lies and expectations, Grace has a message for you: you are important to God, and He has so much more for your life.

    In her first devotional, Grace shares the lessons she has learned through her own challenges and guides you to discover your true identity and self-worth in the eyes of your Creator.

    In these 90 daily devotions, Grace breaks down the truth of Scripture with her genuine, been-there honesty that has made her a role model for young women. She shows girls of all ages how to:

    *stop hustling to please, perform, and be perfect
    *recognize toxic relationships and leave them
    *let go of impossible expectations on yourself, your people, and your body
    *replace worry, pressure, and fear with God’s peace
    *choose kindness and positivity
    *navigate all the mixed messages around sex and dating
    *live out God’s amazing plans for your life

    “I get it. You’re busy! But stop trying to just get through another week, and grab this devotional. Five minutes a day will help you discover how to live your MORE. You deserve this, sister!” –Grace Valentine

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  • What Will They Think


    In this inspiring guide for young women, Grace Valentine shines a spotlight on nine courageous women in the Bible who lived their faith boldly. In a world that pressures you to seek validation from others, learn to focus on what truly matters.

    What will they think? It’s a question that consumes many women and may even stop them from living the lives God has called them to live. Whether it’s don’t be too loud, don’t be too aggressive, or your role is to be a sidekick for men, women struggle to live a life that is about pleasing others–but Scripture describes women who actually did the opposite.

    In this third release from popular blogger and podcaster Grace Valentine, What Will They Think? features the stories of nine incredible women in the Bible, including Esther, Deborah, Sarah, Mary Magdalene, and Tabitha. These women did not bend to peer pressure or seek to people-please but instead turned their focus on God.

    What Will They Think? contains:

    *Inspiring and motivating stories of strong women who lived courageously in their faith
    *Practical steps on how to stop caring what others think and focus on what truly matters
    *Personal stories from Grace’s life and her own struggle to stop focusing on the opinions of others

    For inspiration found in the lives of these biblical heroes, What Will They Think? provides steps to finding freedom to live life boldly and to stop caring about what others might think.

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